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AnimalsEditor's PicksStunning Pictures Show Dolphins Riding The Waves Alongside Shocked Surfers In Cornwall!

Stunning Pictures Show Dolphins Riding The Waves Alongside Shocked Surfers In Cornwall!

A 15-strong pod of dolphins played in the water next to a group of surfers – and gave them a masterclass in their sport.

The mammals delighted onlookers with their spectacular display at Sennen Cove in Cornwall.

They leapt in the air and rode the waves and clearly appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Their performance was captured on camera by holidaymaker Malcolm Barradell.

Dolphins riding the waves with shocked surfers in Cornwall.

The 61 year-old, from Newport in Wales who works in environmental conservation, said: “I was walking down a coast I hadn’t visited in a while.

“A friend bought me a pasty and I sat down to eat it and the next thing I knew I was watching these dolphins.

“They were literally surfing with people. One guy said he saw a dolphin cut under his board.

“It was just amazing.”

(© Malcolm Barradell / SWNS)

The pod of 15 common dolphins were seen on April 7.

Common dolphins are one of four species regular seen around the Cornish coast.

In recent weeks, pods up to 150 strong have been seen on the south coast at Porthleven and off the Lizard peninsula.



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