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AnimalsEditor's PicksOne Of Britain’s Oldest Rescue Dogs To have Happy Retirement After Being Rehomed With Another 17-Year-Old Dog

One Of Britain’s Oldest Rescue Dogs To have Happy Retirement After Being Rehomed With Another 17-Year-Old Dog

One of Britain’s oldest rescue dogs is set for a happy retirement after he was rehomed with another 17-year-old pooch.

Scruffy the crossbreed was taken on by Dogs Trust last month after his owner became ill.

He became the charity’s most senior dog and there were fears his age would put families off.

But Matthew Deery and Sarah Jarvis fell in love with the mongrel’s cute eyebrows and cheeky face, and have now adopted him.

Scruffy with new owners Sarah Jarvis and Matthew Deery

Scruffy will live out his twilight years with another golden oldie, a 17-year-old Jack Russell called Sam.

Matthew and Sarah, from from Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer Scruffy a home.

“We lost one of our dogs a few years ago and really wanted a companion for Sam, our elderly Jack Russell who’s been missing his best friend.

“We knew it was time for us to open our hearts to another furry friend, as well as giving Sam someone to play and cuddle up with.

“Scruffy has settled in brilliantly. Within an hour of coming home he found his spot on the sofa and has already become part of the family.

“His favourite thing at the moment is going for an early morning stroll after breakfast and snuggling up on the chair.

“He’s such a sweet-natured dog and we’re looking forward to making 2017 a great year for him.”

Scruffy is the human equivalent of 119 years old and staff were worried his age may hold him back.

Despite his age, he still enjoys going on three gentle walks a day. His sight is fine but he is a bit hard of hearing.

He was the oldest canine at Dogs Trust and was adopted through the charity as a young animal 14 years ago.

Chris Slight, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Evesham, added: “We are so pleased that Scruffy has found the forever home he deserves.

“We were so pleased that the appeals to find him a home were seen and heard and we were inundated with interest from potential new owners.

“It’s sad when older dogs get overlooked, but not Scruffy. He became quite the little star and we know he’ll be very happy with his new owners.”



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