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Couple Blow Savings On Spectacular Easter Wonderland Made From More Than 20,000 Balloons

A couple have blown all their savings on a spectacular inflatable garden made out of more than 20,000 balloons.

It took kids entertainers Sammy Sankey, 30, and Donnie Macneil, 29, more than 800 hours to build the stunning Easter wonderland.

The couple spent around £7,000, all of their savings, to buy the necessary balloons and rent out a space at The Quay in Glasgow.

They were inspired by the beautiful spring scenes they see while walking through King’s Park in Glasgow every day.

The attraction features woodland critters, a school for bunnies and a brilliantly weaved weeping willow tree in a small space.

Balloons on top form

Sammy, who runs kids party company Rainbow Twisters with her partner, said they were not concerned with making money with their first attempt at a balloon structure.

She said: “We spent all our savings on this and we weren’t sure if it was going to work out.

“But thankfully we’ve managed to sell out tickets and are trying to find a way to squeeze more people into the space.

“We’ll break even and may even make a small profit from it. We love doing this and hope to do more balloon structures for summer, Christmas and Halloween.

“We took a big risk and are delighted that it seems to be working out. We’d love to keep doing this.

“We were not concerned with making money with this one. We just wanted to show that we could do it and hope to make more money out of it in the future.”

Birdy balloon peeking out

Sammy, who previously worked as a clown, and Donnie, who used to be an electrician, spent six weeks tirelessly putting together the phenomenal structure.

They will also be giving children a magic show, an Easter Egg hunt and will try to pass on some of their expert knowledge of manipulating balloons into shape.

It is thought to be the first balloon structure built to this scale in Scotland.

A squishy balloon flower bed of fun

Sammy added: “We worked non-stop for six weeks on this and thankfully we haven’t had anyone pop any balloons yet.

“It has been a lot of work but we’re so happy to do it. We’ve never been happier.

“We’ll be doing a magic show for the kids and trying to teach them some of our balloon building tricks as well.

“Only five people are allowed into the garden at a time because we want to give people the best experience possible – and try to prevent any from bursting.”

Those hoping to see the incredible Easter garden in person may be out of luck however as the pair have sold out of their 1,000 tickets for their shows which run until April 17.



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