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FamiliesMost PopularA Mum-Of-One Keeps Getting Stopped In The Street By Strangers Because Her Baby Daughter Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Boo From Monsters Inc.

A Mum-Of-One Keeps Getting Stopped In The Street By Strangers Because Her Baby Daughter Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Boo From Monsters Inc.

A mum-of-one keeps getting stopped in the street by strangers because her baby daughter bears an uncanny resemblance to Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Laura Resoda, 29, says she is told on almost a daily basis that adorable eight-month-old Lilaiha (corr) looks just like the animated Disney character.

The tot stunned midwives when she was born weighing 6lbs 12oz with an almost full-head of jet black hair on August 2.

Full-time mum Laura said the comparison to Boo was first pointed out by friends after she gave Lilaiha pigtails when her hair continued to grow.

Laura gets stopped when she’s out in public by people commenting on her daughter’s cute appearance

Yesterday (Mon) Laura, of Chellaston, Derby, said: “When I first did her hair up in pigtails I noticed that she looked similar to Boo.

“But I had no idea how much attention it would get.

“She was about five months old when I did that, and ever since people have almost constantly been commenting on it.

“At first it was just friends, who asked if I did it deliberately, which I didn’t.

“But now everywhere I go, people are stopping me to comment on how similar Lilaiha and Boo look.

“It was quite odd, when strangers first started coming up to me and playing with my child’s hair.

“I’ve learned to enjoy it, though. People are incredibly friendly, and Lilaiha absolutely loves the attention.

“She’s not one of those babies that gets bewildered in front of other people, she’s always smiling and laughing with them.

“Going out to the shops used to take about half an hour, now it takes an hour and a half because of people stopping us.”

Lilaiha was born with a full head of black hair

Laura, who lives with partner Robert Lowriy (corr), 26, claims that the tot’s mop of hair runs in the family.

She added: “People comment on it a lot.

“They also think she’s older than she is. They often mistake her for being over a year old, instead of eight months old.

“A lot of the midwives said she was the hairiest baby they had ever seen.

“I knew she would have a lot because I had a lot of hair when I was a baby – but nobody anticipated that she would have that much of it.

“She looked just like I did when I was born.

Wearing pigtails makes Lilaiha look just like the Pixar favourite

“I used to blow-dry her hair, which she liked, but now she’s started crawling she doesn’t want to sit still. It can’t just be left on its own.

“She hasn’t had it cut yet, and I don’t see any reason to cut it.

“Lilaiha loves the attention she’s getting, and it’s an incredibly soft set of hair.

“When she’s a bit older we’ll get it cut, but for now I’m happy for her to look like Boo.

“The original film was on TV at the weekend, and I tried to sit her down in front of it, but she’s a bit too young to be understanding things like that just yet.”

Boo, who was voiced by actress Mary Gibbs, was the star of the 2001 Disney Pixar comedy, which generated $577 million worldwide.

In the film Boo, a two-year-old, escapes from her bedroom and finds herself trapped in the city of Monstropolis – a monster city powered by energy from childrens’ screams.

A 3D prequel, called Monsters University, was released in 2013 and there are rumours a Monsters Inc 3 could also be in the pipeline.



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