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Angry Mum Left With Two Hour Bus Journey To Drop Children At Different Schools Three Miles Apart

An angry mum is facing a two hour bus trip every day after her children were allocated places at different primary schools – three MILES apart.

Charlotte Fox, 26, was left fuming after her sons were split up due to a controversial new policy introduced by her local council this year.

Siblings Tyler, seven, and Scott, five, will now be three miles apart, meaning that Charlotte, who does not drive, will need to be “in two places at once”.

The brothers currently study at Manor Park Infant and Nursery School in Calverton, Notts.

Mum-of-three Charlotte applied for Tyler to attend nearby Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School when he moves up to key stage two in September.

But the youngster has instead been offered a place in an entirely different town at Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School in Arnold, Notts.

(L-R) Tyler Fox and Scott Fox.

Today (Wed) Charlotte said she is now facing a “hellish” journey, which will involve a half hour walk and two 20 minute bus rides – with an hour wait in between.

She said: “I got the email at half six on Tuesday (18/4) morning. I couldn’t believe it, it’s just the worst possible outcome for us.

“At first I was angry but then I just started to worry about how I’m going to be able to do it.

“The reality is that one of them is probably going to be often be late first thing in the morning, and one of them is going to have to wait for an hour after school.

“The council knows our situation – the application form asked if we had children in other schools and I thought that was something they were going to take into consideration.

“I genuinely do not know what I’m going to do.

“It’s a very complicated and frustrating situation.

“We’ve spent the last couple of days just trying to get our heads around it.”

Full-time mum Charlotte, of Arnold, will have to embark on the nightmare commute while husband Cameron, 29, is at work at Halfords.

The journey is complicated even further as she has to take 10-month-old baby Harry with her as well.

Manor Park Infant and Nursery School on Flatts Lane, Calverton, Nottingham

She added: “The reality is that I just can’t take Harry on the bus when it’s full of secondary school children being taken back home.

“I’ve tried it before and it’s loud on there, and there isn’t enough space for a buggy.

“So I have to wait an hour after picking the two of them for things to quieten down.

“But that will become much harder when they’re at different schools.

“I’ll have to pick up Scott first, because he’s the youngest.

“Then we’ll have to wait for an hour for the buses to clear out, which means that Tyler is going to be on his own for an hour.

“So we’re facing a two hour journey two days a week, all because of this decision.

“I’ve wanted to go back to work for a while now, but the reality is that it’s going to have to be part-time, or something that fits in with this nightmare schedule.

“Cameron and I have wanted to move to Calverton for years – we have friends and family there, and all the schools are close to one another.”

Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School on Calverton Road, Nottingham

Charlotte now says she is writing a letter of appeal to Nottinghamshire County Council’s decision in the hope of getting the decision reversed.

She added: “It’s crazy and very frustrating.

“They’ve both been at Manor Park all of their lives, and Tyler is very shy.

“I don’t know how he is going to respond to being moved away from his friends, who can stay in Calverton because their parents are in the catchment area.

“It’s going be very hard for him, especially as he’s going to have to wait around every single evening without me or Scott.”

(L-R) Tyler Fox, Charlotte Fox and Scott Fox.

Over 164 parents have been offered a place at a school they did not include in their application after education bosses brought in a controversial change last year.

The policy removes priority for out-of-catchment children who already have siblings at a primary school who are trying to secure a place there.

Although the council reversed the decision in February, the controversial policy still applies to this year’s academic offers.



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