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Easter Parade Goes Wrong As Jesus Smashes Bible Selling Shop Window With Crucifix

This is the moment a man playing ‘jesus’ in an Easter procession dropped his CRUCIFIX – smashing a window.

The ‘Passion of the Christ’ parade went wrong when the Messiah collapsed under the weight of his cross and smashed the pane of a listed building.

The Easter re-enactment featuring a gory Jesus covered in blood paraded through the streets of Hastings, East Sussex,

Onlooker watches as Roman soldiers flogged the Messiah and women wailed behind the heavy wooden cross.

Easter parade in Hastings, East Sussex.

Crowds gathered on the streets to watch the Passion of the Christ – but a part of the cross smashed through a Venetian windowpane of a Grade II listed house.

Photographer James Taylor captured the moment, and said: “All the falling was part of the act – it is quite a narrow pavement and a fairly large cross.

“The bottom of the cross went up the railings and the other side of the cross went through the pane of glass.

“The window smashed and there was a gasp from about 100 people that had gathered.

“One of the Romans said ‘don’t worry, we’ll pay for it.’ “Jesus stayed in character, passed out on the floor. I don’t think he was harmed but there was a lot of fake blood.”

The crucifix in the broken window at the Easter parade

The parade began at St Clements Church and finished at All Saints Church in the High Street of the Old Town. It was understood that the owners of the 19th Century terraced house were not at home at the time of the accident, at around 10.30am.

Mr Taylor, 37, added: “There were a lot of people in character, this was one of the pre-arranged stops but the cross fell.

“The Romans were whipping Jesus and the cross, but some of the blows were also landing on his back.

“It does look heavy, it looks like a genuine wooden cross. It was a staged moment that didn’t go as planned.”



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