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‘Guerrilla Gardeners’ Fill Potholes In Bath With FLOWERS

Residents of a posh city are filling in its potholes – with FLOWERS.

The guerrilla gardeners are scouring the streets and decorating the ‘death trap’ craters with soil and plants.

Armed with pansies, compost and gardening gloves, the polite protesters hope to raise the profile of the pothole problem in the spa town.

It comes after news in January that Bath and North East Somerset Council has received a £4.4 million grant to repair potholes this year.

In spite of that, the two men behind the movement – a cyclist and motorist living in the city – say thousands of unsightly potholes remain.

One of the campaigners, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “We’ve been going around filling different potholes.

“In an area of America there were a load of potholes filled in with pot plants although that’s not what we are doing here.

“We think it’s a good thing to do but it’s more than about making people smile.

“Potholes are a real problem and have the potential to be death traps for bikers and cyclists and with cars there is an issue with blow-outs to wheels.

“The whole point is to raise awareness of them.”

A pothole on Fairfield Park in Bath, Wiltshire, that gorilla gardeners filled with compost and planted flowers

So far, the vigilantes have planted pansies on streets in the Larkhall and Camden areas of the historic city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Holes on St James’ Square and the iconic Lansdown Road, known for its honey-coloured Georgian properties, have also been covered.

The gardeners now have the rest of Bath in their sights.

The spokesman said: “We started off with the potholes we know about, ones which were close to our homes and then we’ve just been driving around.

“Pretty much what happens is the flowers are destroyed almost straight away – they get run over.

“But we are going to go to some different areas to raise more awareness.

“It is a serious matter. We want to make them look nice so people take notice and possibly get involved themselves.”


The green-fingered guerrilla said he and his friend “don’t dress up in capes” but want to remain anonymous as they’re not sure whether it is an illegal act.

He added that they “don’t want to distract drivers” but are desperate for politicians – and road users – to pay attention to the issue.

“The point is to get people talking about it and we would love the council to react and fill in the potholes,”

Speaking earlier this year, Bath MP Ben Howlett said: “The state of our roads is consistently raised with me by local residents and remains a great source of frustration for drivers.”

He said the funding “shows that we are delivering on our commitment to invest in infrastructure to attract businesses and secure a better future for local businesses”.



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