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Travellers Offer Rubbish Collection For Residents – Then DUMP Waste In Woodlands Before Leaving Illegal Campsite

Gypsies set up a cut-price rubbish collection service for local homeowners only to leave it dumped in a woodland clearing when they left their illegal campsite.

The travellers took cash from residents in return for providing a cheap ‘tip-run’ to the council’s household recycling centre just three miles away.

But instead of disposing of the junk properly they dumped it on a large clearing behind their camp, hidden by trees.

Furious residents discovered the fly-tipping mountain after the group packed up their caravans and left their camp in Stockwood, Bristol.

It includes furniture, fridges, ovens, kitchen units, a Henry vacuum cleaner, an entire sofa – and even bin liners filled with cannabis plants.

Local resident Mark Thomas said the site was “a disgusting mess”.

Council workers begin the daunting task of clearing up tonnes of rubbish from an open space area in Stockwood, Bristol, after travellers left it in a state.

He said: “What a waste – and now our open area for kids to play and people to walk their dogs is absolutely ruined.

“It’s not acceptable and something needs to be done to stop them coming back.”

The latest fly-tipping outrage comes just two months after the same thing happened in March.

But then a group of travellers left only a fraction of the rubbish which was cleared by a local Beaver Scout group organised by Mr. Thomas.

Cannabis left by Traveller at Craydon Road in Stockwood, Bristol.

This time the gypsies arrived a couple of weeks ago and went round the whole of south Bristol offering residents a cheap waste disposal service.

Locals were duped into thinking they were taking it to the official household recycling centre in St Philip’s in the centre of Bristol.

Mr. Thomas added: “This time it’s worse – they have left fridges, ovens, sofas and countless bags of foul items.

“The council planted trees on part of the field, which have been pulled up and destroyed.

“There’s not a chance kids can clear it up this time – it will take many skips to remove it, which in the end will be paid by the residents’ tax money.”

He added: “I can’t explain how annoyed I am by this whole repetitive issue.”

Fellow resident Amy Gill said the council needed to act to clean it up and protect the open space.

She said, “What an absolute disgrace.

“I’ve lived in Stockwood my whole life and have never seen anything like this left before.

“Something definitely needs to be done about our open space so no more damage can be done.”



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