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‘He saved my life’ : Four-year-old autistic boy called 999 during mum’s epileptic fit

An autistic four-year-old saved his mother’s life when she started having a epileptic fit by calling for an ambulance.

Little De’khari Amanze-McQuick acted fast when his mum Sacha Amanze  collapsed at their home.

The toddler grabbed her smartphone and scrolled through the contacts to find the police, who ordered an ambulance for the stricken mum.

Sacha, 41, said: “He saved my life and he’s my hero – if he wasn’t there with me when I had the attack then I could’ve died.”

The mum-of-two from Lewisham, south east London, has suffered from epilepsy from the age of 19.

She had taught De’khari how to use her Samsung Galaxy S6 in case of emergency, and cleverly put a picture of a police car underneath the contact number.

De'khari Amanze-McQuick

De’khari Amanze-McQuick

Stay-at-home mum Sacha said: “All he had to do was scroll through my contacts and find the picture of a police car.

“He did that when it mattered and I’m so proud of him. I get so emotional.

“I think he needs to be recognised for what he’s done.”

Sacha can’t remember the moments leading up to the fit but thinks it took her at least 20 minutes to regain consciousness.

She was taken to University Hospital Lewisham while De’khari stayed home with her 15-year-old son.

Sacha said: “Police had to kick down the front door to get in the house so it must’ve been scary for him.

“But they said he wasn’t screaming and he just stayed back while they attended to me.”

De’khari had seen his mum fit before.


Sacha said: “My epileptic fits have happened in front of De’khari before. We were in Toys R Us shopping with one of my friends.

“Ever since then De’khari has known how to work my phone – he looks at the pictures and knows who to call.

“He rings his grandma all the time on my phone just by looking at her picture.”

Sacha said that her son is super smart.

She said: “He can tell you where he lives, where his nanny lives, where he was born – that’s smart for a four-year-old.

“He’s got such a good memory and such a character to him.”

Not only has De’khari made his mum proud but also the whole community.

Sacha said: “De’khari knows what he’s done. Everyone that passes him in the street praises him.

“Everyone’s been telling him he’s a good boy for what he did for mummy.”



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