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AnimalsCuteEditor's PicksA British Photographer Has Made An Adorable Resort For Wild Mice In His Back Garden

A British Photographer Has Made An Adorable Resort For Wild Mice In His Back Garden

A British photographer has built his own village complete with log cabins, post boxes and dining tables- for wild mice.

Simon Dell began making the mini shire in spring 2018 when he spotted a wild mouse in his back garden: “I could see the cats sitting just feet away from him at the other side of a fence.

“I piled some small logs around a box as a home for the mouse and covered it with moss and straw to give him a little shelter.

“I then put some wire fencing around the fence so there was no way the cats could get to the mouse.

“We decided to name him George.”

After saving the mouse, Simon began to add more homes next door.

Within days, more mice had moved in, looking for creature comforts.

The wildlife photographer began adding more to the tiny houses, fashioning detailed dining tables, washing lines, motorbikes and even a weights set for the adorable rodents.

Simon said: “The mice seem to love the log pile homes and wasted no time in moving in .

“They are wild animals so still run away if I get too close, most of the time I just sit a couple feet away with a zoom lens, they seem happy to pop in and out.

“The only food I give them is often all natural and pick up berries and fruits that grow in the local area.”

Simon now has nine mice living in his back garden village, but he believes that one of the females is pregnant so may have to start building more.



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