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Beautiful Shar Pei Savaged By Out-Of-Control Dog In Violent Attack

A beautiful Shar Pei dog had his face brutally “ripped apart” by an out-of-control canine in a violent and unprovoked attack.

Two-year-old Dexter suffered horrific facial injuries after being attacked while he was out for a walk with his owner Tracy Adams, 54.

The gruesome lacerations Dexter suffered can be seen in a series of distressing pictures released by Tracy, who described the incident as “traumatic” and “terrifying”.

Shockingly the three young men walking the attacking dog, thought to be a lurcher, ran away after the minute-long melee was over.

Dexter underwent a two and a half hour operation to treat his wounds and apply stitches to his face and inside his mouth.

He’s expected to make a full recovery but will be scarred for life as a result of the attack and is currently very depressed, according to Tracy.

Tracy, a vocal coach, was walking Dexter on a lead down a lane at the back of her house near Hull, East Yorks, when she saw three men with dogs coming towards her.

The grandmother of five said: “One of the men said to me ‘your dog’s gorgeous’ and asked me what breed he is.

“Then from out of nowhere one of the dog’s went for Dexter’s face and locked his jaw around it.

“It was absolutely terrifying, Dexter was screaming out and so was I.

“The dog was wouldn’t let go and was shaking Dexter for about a minute.

“The men kicked and kicked their dog really hard until it finally let go then they all ran off.

“Dexter’s face was all ripped up and the fat from inside his face was hanging out.

“He’s such a sociable and happy dog, he’s not aggressive whatsoever so he didn’t deserve to be attacked like this.

“I’m sure the other dog will be injured after all that kicking as well, it was horrible.”

Tracy added: “I don’t know who the men were and I don’t think they were local to my area, I think they were snaring or lamping.

“The dog that attacked Dexter was a scruffy-looking lurcher. All three looked like working dogs.”

After the attack, at 9.30pm, Tracy rushed to the vets, where Dexter was given morphine to ease the pain.

He spent the night back at home before being operated on the next morning (Sat).

He’s still on painkillers and antibiotics and Tracy says he’s “not himself” and seems “depressed”.

Tracy reported the incident to police but was told there’s nothing they can do because it was a dog on dog attack.



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