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AnimalsMust ReadVideosBreathtaking Video Shows Rare White Dolphins Leaping In The Air In British Waters

Breathtaking Video Shows Rare White Dolphins Leaping In The Air In British Waters

This breathtaking video shows a pod of rare white dolphins leaping into the air.

The white Risso’s dolphin is very rarely seen in British waters compared to other breeds, but Andrew Barker was lucky enough to run into a pod of them while fishing.

Andrew, 36, was trawling with his crew when they ran into the pod, about 15 strong, and said everyone downed tools to watch the impressive display.

He filmed the footage off the coast of Cornwall on Sunday, April 21, and said that he thinks this pod my be resident in the area as he thinks he has seen them before.

Andrew, from Looe, Cornwall, said: “We didn’t know what they were until we got back, I just thought they were big dolphins.

“There were about 15 of them, we see normal dolphins most days – I think we’ve seen these ones twice before.

“It’s hard to say, we weren’t as close then so I couldn’t be certain but they looked very similar.”

Risso’s dolphins can be found in almost all temperate and tropical waters around the world.

They have a unique appearance – they are very stocky dolphins with blunt heads and no discernible beak.

Andrew continued: “We see normal dolphins on pretty much every trip, it’s a common sighting.

“We got out trawling for about six hours and we usually see between 10 and 20 – I think the numbers are increasing, there are more now.”

Fellow crew member Andrew Giles said that after 32 years at sea, he has never seen dolphins with a white appearance before.



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