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AnimalsMust ReadCharity Which Saved Dog And Seven Puppies Is Facing Christmas Heartbreak Unless It Finds Someone To Rehome The Mum

Charity Which Saved Dog And Seven Puppies Is Facing Christmas Heartbreak Unless It Finds Someone To Rehome The Mum

A rescue charity which saved a dog and its seven puppies from a ‘kill shelter’ is facing Christmas heartbreak unless someone can rehome the mum.

The Shar Pei Rescue of Scotland had previously fundraised to bring a badly neglected dog from Gran Canaria to the UK in time for the festivities.

They named her Noelle but she was so poorly she tragically died during surgery before she was able to head to the UK for a new life.

So the small charity decided to honour Noelle by saving a Shar Pei and her litter of seven puppies which faced death in horrible conditions in Romania.

The dogs will be coming to the UK in January and they have found ‘forever homes’ for six of the puppies – but no one has come forward to help the mum, named Hope, and the final male member of the litter.

Due to a lack of resources, they now face the devastation of leaving ‘Mama Pei’ and the male pup in Romania unless they raise funds and find a foster or adopter in the UK to take them.

Gina Mccallum, who runs Shar Pei Rescue of Scotland, said: “We were devastated when Noelle died so we decided to put the remaining funds raised for her towards helping the mum and her litter of puppies in Romania.

“She was a stray and in Eastern Europe strays are treated appallingly. They are taken to kill shelters and many died in the most agonising way.

“It is why we try to help dogs in places like Romania and Hungary and Mama Pei and her puppies have been our Christmas appeal.

“People have kindly donated to help pay for their food and treatment in Romania until they are ready to travel and we’ve found loving homes for six of the puppies.

“But we need someone else to come forward to save Hope and her final pup. She’s only three years old and she has been such a good mum to the puppies.”

The dogs are scheduled to make the 2,000 miles trip to the UK on January 8.

Shar Pei Rescue of Scotland needs to raise £1,100 to transport Mama Pei and her litter to the UK and cover the documentation costs.

The rescue helps dogs living in the worst conditions. Many are saved from ‘doggy death row’ at some of Europe’s most appalling kill shelters.

They also save dogs from pounds in the UK and, in 2018, have helped rehome X Shar Pei in total.

Gina added: “It has been a really challenging year in rescue and I would like to thank everyone who has helped.

“Shar Pei are lovely dogs but we find many are neglected and mistreated in the UK.

“On the continent, in places like Hungary and Romania where animal welfare isn’t as good as it is in the UK, Shar Pei are often living and dying in the most appalling conditions and we help them too.

“We would love to give Hope and her final pup a new life in the UK so if you can help please get in touch.”

People looking to help can donate to the rescue via their PayPal address or by visiting the charity’s Facebook page – – or their fundraising page



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