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Couple Cross Paths With Skunk Mum And Her SEVEN Stinky Babies

A couple were surprised when they encountered a family of eight skunks while out for an evening walk around their neighborhood.

Belen Puga, 63, and his wife Debbie Puga, 58, were taken aback when a mother skunk and her seven babies popped out of a nearby hedge and cautiously crossed the street.

Belen and Debbie, of Wichita, Kansas, were worried they would be sprayed by the notoriously smelly creatures as the scared skunk kits had their tails raised in warning.

The couple, who own Crossfit Wichita, managed to capture the unusual moment on camera on July 25 in the Riverside area of the city.

Belen said: “My wife and I were out walking at about 7.30pm or 8pm in our neighborhood. It was still bright out.

“As we were walking we saw a family of skunks just popped up out of nowhere.

“Where we live there’s a lot of wildlife, there’s a lot of coyotes and deer who wander around too.

“But I’ve never seen so many skunks in one place.

“The little babies were obviously following mom.

“As they crossed the road some of their tails were up which was a little bit worrying.

“They seemed pretty tame and harmless but you shouldn’t underestimate a skunk.

“It might have been a self-defense mechanism.

“One of our neighbor’s dogs has been sprayed by a skunk before and of course it isn’t pleasant.”

The skunks weren’t the only stinky creatures the couple encountered on their summer walk that evening.

Belen added: “A little later on our walk we spotted a raccoon come out of the sewer.”



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