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Dog Born Without Two Front Legs Finally Becomes ‘Part Of The Pack’ – After Being Given A Set Of Wheels

A valiant pooch with only two legs has overcome adversity to finally become “part of the pack” – after being given a set of WHEELS.

Roo the Collie-Whippet cross was adopted in December 2014 without her two front legs by Nikki Dick, 54, and her husband Ian, 56, at just five months old.

Her owners believe she was born in Romania with three legs and lost the other in a vicious attack with another dog.

Roo ran around using just her back two legs for the first few years of her life – described as her “normality” by Nikki.

However, after a kind-hearted local dog training centre crowdfunded for Roo, she was bought a set of new wheels from the USA, which she wears for up to two hours a day.

She has spent the past two years speeding around with her rescue dog pals ‘Big’ Dave, Iris, Wendy, Sully and Eddy.

Nikki described Roo as her “fighter” who has overcome adversity to now become “part of the pack”.

Nikki, a nurse from Morpeth, Northumberland, said: “Roo is a mischievous little madam who is full of life.

“She is so cheeky and everything a ‘normal’ dog should be, there are times it is hard to care for her but we love her so much.

“She has her front wheels which help her to walk since she’s only got the two legs at the back, the hydrotherapy she has helps her keep her muscles active,

“After therapy, she’s hardly ever tired, she just wants to keep playing and running around, she’s amazing.

“She uses the wheels in the garden but mostly loves to run around on the local beach.

“When she gets tired she has to go into the stroller.

“People used to get emotional when they first saw her but now they’re used to seeing her, nobody treats her any differently to the rest of our dogs.

“We adopted her because she is a little fighter, she is very strong and we love her.”

Nikki and Ian adopt dogs who are “a little bit different” – ranging from physical disabilities like Roo to emotional difficulties like Wendy, a cross labrador.

When Hillheads Dog Training Centre heard about Roo’s story, they organised a series of events to raise the £800 needed to purchase the wheels from the United States in early 2017.

Thanks to her set of wheels, Roo can now sprint around with the rest of the pack and is not left out.

Nikki added: “Roo never knew any differently before so she would just use her back legs but she can move around so much faster using the wheels.

“They have been custom built so the wheels are wider.

“This means Roo can run around faster on the sand or any surfaces really.

“We were once told it was cruel to keep disabled dogs but that’s not true.

“They have all the love in the world, they’ve got a proper home.

“I think a few years ago Roo’s story might have played out differently and she might not have been so lucky but with the advances in technology we have seen she has been able to be treated just like any of the other dogs.

“The world has to adjust because these dogs need love, all dogs need love.”

Roo uses the specially adapted set to replace her front legs.

The wheels – from Eddy’s Wheels in the USA – have been “fantastic” according to Nikki who couldn’t be happier with Roo’s incredible progress.

She added: “The reactions from people who have seen Roo using the wheels and asking about them has been brilliant.

“The wheels enable her to do everything the rest of the dogs can.

“Everybody has been so supportive of Roo.

“She is showing any dog can be loved exactly the same.”




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