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Family Of Wild Boars Spotted Trotting Around The Streets In Staffordshire

Drivers were left stunned when they spotted a family of wild boars trotting along a busy road.

The mother and her seven piglets were filmed grazing and scavenging for food in Burntwood, Staffs.

Experts believe it is the first time the animals have ever been seen on the loose in Staffordshire.

Wild boars were extinct in the UK for around 300 years but there are now thought to be as many as 2,000 living in the country.

Student Victoria Sharon, 23, spotted the animals in her garden.

She said: “I saw them walking past outside my bedroom window and then I went outside to see them and they were there looking for food in the garden.

“They stayed there for around five minutes before pottering off back down the lane.”

Wendy Pountney, 41, was travelling home from her job at Birmingham’s NEC when she spotted the boars running along a road.

She said: “They were on the corner of the roundabout and they came across in front of our car.

“I was just astonished that they were on the main road.

“They are weaving in and out of the traffic on the main roads.

“We were sat in the car at the time and the mother was not scared at all of the car – she did not bat an eyelid.

“They then went back through the housing estate.

“We have lived here a long time and we have never seen them before – we have had the deers but never anything like this – it just makes me think where they came from.

“When people spot them out walking they need to be given a wide berth and people need to be really careful especially with dogs off leads – some people might be inclined to stroke them.”

The boars were first spotted in Burntwood last Thursday (18/4) and Staffordshire County Council are warning residents not to approach them.

Derek Crawley, the chairman of Staffordshire Mammal Society, said: “As far as we’re concerned there have never been any wild boar within Staffordshire, and we are convinced that these animals have been let go by somebody.

“They tend to use their noses to turn up the turf, we would have seen that in the area if they’d been here before as it’s popular with dog walkers.”



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