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AnimalsEditor's PicksFlabby Feline Dubbed ‘Britain’s Fattest Cat’ Who Was Returned To Animal Shelter Four Times Finally Finds Home

Flabby Feline Dubbed ‘Britain’s Fattest Cat’ Who Was Returned To Animal Shelter Four Times Finally Finds Home

A flabby feline dubbed Britain’s fattest cat who was returned to an animal shelter four times has finally found a home.

Eight year old Mitzi shocked vets when she tipped the scales at 7.7kgs (16lbs) – almost double her recommended weight.

She was forced onto a strict diet to shed the pounds but despite several attempts at finding her a home she keeps getting sent back.

The tubby tabby has since slimmed to 5.3kg (11lbs) and has been rehomed by the family of one of her old owners.

She put on weight because students in the area kept feeding her back in May 2017.

Staff at Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth, Devon, said the constant to-ing and fro-ing had a negative impact on the well-rounded girl.

Mitzi, the eight-year-old cat, after drastic weightloss; at the more healthy weight of 12.7lbs (5.79kg)

The gigantic feline, who is nine years old, found four homes but was unable to settle and kept ending up back at the shelter.

Woodside manager Helen Lecointe said: “She’s such a sweet cat. We really hope she’s found her fairytale ending.”

Staff said she had been “extremely unlucky” in her hunt for a home.

Helen said Mitzi’s new owners had wanted to adopt her when their family member died but were unable to look after her in rented accommodation.

The shelter said staff would be looking after Mitzi until April, when her owners were due to move into a new home.

Mitzi, the eight-year-old cat, after drastic weightloss

Mitzi’s weight loss chart.

She added: “We had offers from the US, Sweden and the Middle East, but we’re so pleased that we’ve found an owner who already knows her and loves her.

“It’s been ever so sad for Mitzi.

“There was an owner death, a change of circumstance and one owner became very ill.

“It’s very unusual for a cat to be returned this many times but sadly she’s just been so unlucky.”



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