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Friendly Fox Cosies Up To A Man In Pub Beer Garden

This is the adorable moment a friendly fox cosies up to a man in a pub beer garden – and begs to be stoked.

Animal lover Gary Sines couldn’t believe his luck when Britain’s friendliest fox sat on his lap while he was having a pint at the pub.

The 40-year-old builder was relaxing in the beer garden at The Star pub, in Malden Rushett, London, when the fox jumped onto his chair and cuddled up to him.

This is the adorable moment 40-year-old builder Gary Sines made an unexpected friend at The Star pub, in Malden Rushett, London, when a fox jumped up next to him and had a snuggle as he enjoyed his pint.

He was with his partner, Lindsay Rolfe, on Friday evening (August 2), when the incredible encounter took place.

Lindsay, 36, decided to start filming as Gary stroked the fox, which appeared to seek comfort in his company.

Her video shows the bizarre moment the fox places its paw on Gary’s lap and appears to crave attention.

Gary, from Chessington, said: “It was absolutely bizarre. I was worried about getting bitten to begin with but you could tell this one was friendly.

“It let me stroke it, laid down next to me and put its paw on my leg.

“It sat on me like a dog would, it honestly was like having a dog sat next to you.”

The fox wandered into the beer garden at The Star at around 11.30pm on Friday.

Gary suspects it was looking for food when he ventured into the garden.

He says one of the pub’s waiters gave the hungry fox some dog biscuits.

“It was surreal for me because I am a massive dog lover. This will probably never happen ever again.

“It was a wonderful experience for me to have.”



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