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How Does a Pet Tracker Work?

According to the American Humane Society, more than 10 million dog and cats are lost in the US every year. To combat this, pet parents are turning to pet trackers in order to keep their furry companions from getting lost. These nifty devices can help keep your pet safe and healthy, but how do they actually work?

According to a MyDogIsARobot article on how pet trackers work, the devices are divided into three categories: Bluetooth, GPS and Radio trackers. Each of these use a different technology to keep tabs on your dog or cat.

Bluetooth trackers are basic trackers that work over a limited distance and pair with your smart phone. These devices are cheap and easy to use.

GPS trackers use cutting edge technology to locate your pet in real time. Satellite signals bounce off your pet’s collar to give you a precise location.  Many GPS trackers can send you an alert when your pet leaves a pre-determined area.  

Radio trackers use a transmitter in the pet’s collar to send a signal back to a receiver. No cellular network is required for these devices to operate.

There are over 20 types of pet trackers available, but they all use one of these three technologies to keep tabs on your pet.

Pet trackers are a useful tool for keeping your pet safe and healthy.   



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