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How to pick a dog breed according to your personality

Everyone knows picking a dog is not an easy job.

With so many adorable pups out there, finding the right pooch to suit your personality and most importantly fit into your lifestyle can be a tricky task.

To make sure you find the right dog – one you can shower with enough attention, love and exercise – here’s a list of breeds and their temperaments.

Keep in mind that while most breeds have typical personality traits, they are just tendencies and individual dogs have their own behaviour.


  1. Labrador and Golden Retriever

These dogs are known for being very intelligent and can pick up vibes very quickly. You need to have a positive attitude around them or they will become very sad.

Labradors are very active and they enjoy long walks in the park. They also require a lot of attention and love. Make sure you have enough time for your dog if you choose this breed.



  1. Pugs and Bulldogs

Dogs with flat faces tend to have respiratory problems and enjoy the lazy good life. Although they are loving and like a good cuddle, their energy levels are usually low.

If you look for a cute companion that enjoys doing as little as possible, your perfect dog is right here!



  1. Siberian Husky

These lovely dogs are all about the adventurous life, do not think you can go to work for eight hours and leave them at home.

They will get bored and find their own entertainment, even if that means destroying your living room.

giphy (4)


  1. Bichon

Bichons are known for being the typical family dog. They love being part of a loving household and enjoy being pampered and spoiled.

Bichons enjoy going out and discovering the world but they also don’t mind chilling on the couch for a few hours.

If you have a fixed schedule, these dogs are perfect for you as they can adapt quickly to your routine.



  1. Pit bulls

Although they can look scary at first, you will soon find out that Pitbulls absolutely adore children.

If you want your baby to have a loyal friend for life, you can try raising them together.

They are also known for being very protective so don’t put them in an uncomfortable position.

pit bull


  1. Terrier

Although many people choose a terrier as a companion due to their cute appearance, they are actually very independent animals and are less attached to people than other breeds.

If you choose these little four-legged friends, make sure you have a very active lifestyle and a huge garden for them to run around and play in.

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  1. Beagles

Beagles are really popular as pets due to their convenient size and their friendly behaviour. However, originally they were hunting dogs and they still have hunting instincts in their genes.

Beagles need a lot more exercise than most owners can offer them, so make sure you live near to a forest or a field as they love to explore.



  1. English Cocker spaniel

These dogs require a lot more attention than many of the other breeds out there.

They need to be groomed regularly and they also tend to shed their fur so you will have a lot of cleaning to do.

Most of all they hate being alone and tend to love a good bark for no apparent reason.




  1. Boxers

Boxers are very excitable animals, they like to jump around when happy.

They make lovely companions if you give them just the right amount of attention.

They don’t always tend to get on too well with other dogs so don’t give them reasons to feel betrayed.

Unfortunately, boxers live a short live so be ready for potential health problems.



  1. Poodles and Chihuahuas

These dogs are the perfect choice for someone who loves a cute pup that can be taken everywhere.

They love attention and are very playful, also they are very bright and attentive to your body language.

As a bonus, you will also look very chic with one of these little ones around.poodles





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