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Husky With NO EYES Beats Fully Sighted Dogs To Win Prestigious Handling Prize

Proud owner Kevin Taylor entered the eight-year-old Siberian husky into the Paws in the Park contest for a “bit of fun” after initially attending the show as a spectator.

Dog lover Kevin, 50, of Dartford, Kent, took in the sled-pulling mutt from a previous owner eight years ago when she was just six months old.

But last year he was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to have Blossom’s eyes removed after she contracted glaucoma.

He said: “It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. How can you explain to your dog that you have to take her eyes out.

“She was seven at the time, but she had to have them out.”

Brave Blossom’s senses took over rapidly and she now reacts to Kevin’s commands including to turn left and right or to lift her paw when approaching steps.

The pair were enjoying Paws in the Park show in Detling, Kent, on September 15 when Kevin decided to try their luck in the over-40s handling competition.

Beautiful, Blossom with her prestigious handling prize

Unbelievably Blossom finished first in her handling category and after wowing judges, also claimed the Best In Show award in the grand final.

Kevin, a marine equipment supplier, said: “I can still hardly believe it. It was pretty incredible.

“When we arrived we saw how well the other dogs responded to their owners and thought Blossom would have no chance.

“She only lost her sight a year ago. It is amazing how quickly her other senses have kicked in.

“I’m so proud of her.”

Shocked fellow competitors flocked to congratulate Kevin saying how “incredible” Blossom was.

Dad-of-one Kevin added: “The judges were completely amazed by how much faith Blossom had in me when following my instructions.

“To know how much Blossom trusts me is the best feeling in the world. So it was really nice to hear the judges’ praise.”

While Kevin may attend Paws in the Park again next year, he has no plans to take to the dog show circuit saying it was “spur of the moment” thing.

Kevin owns another eight-year-old husky called Nanook and is full of praise for the breed.

He added: “Huskies are incredible dogs. They are not as domesticated as other dogs. They are compliant, not obedient, meaning they will only follow an instruction if they want to.

“They are free thinking dogs, which actually makes them more intelligent than other breeds.

“They take a lot of work, but it is well worth it.”



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