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AnimalsEditor's PicksInstagrammer Captures Beautiful Images Petting His Dog In The Most Gorgeous Settings

Instagrammer Captures Beautiful Images Petting His Dog In The Most Gorgeous Settings

A photographer has created an adorable collection of pictures which show him petting his dog in breathtaking locations.

Honza Řeháček, 28, and his four-legged friend can be seen travelling around his native Czech Republic and Poland.

He loves exploring the countryside but cannot be without his best buddy Sitka, a four-year-old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog who tags along everywhere.

They have built up 300,000 Instagram followers with their stunning shots.

Honza said: “I used to work three jobs to keep my photography dream alive.

“At some points I lived in a caravan I would only eat bread, but I always made sure Sitka was well fed.

“I promised him that he will live the best life a dog could possibly live, because he completely changed my life.

“He has helped me find myself, and he is here for me on the hard days – I take him everywhere with me.”

Photographer Honza Řeháček, 28. (Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

Czechoslovakian wolfdog named Sitka as a puppy. (Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

Honza’s photography career kick started when he got Sitka in 2014 after taking a trip to the Czech mountains to get away from every day life.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are crosses between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf.

Honza said: “I went off in to the Krkonoše mountains, in Poland for weekend.

“We went for a walk and it was sunny but their was fog and snow which appeared in the middle of the hike.

“When we got to the top everything below us was cloud and everything above us was sunshine.

“That very moment up there was unforgettable.

“That day I became addicted to these beautiful moments and so I decided to capture them.”

(Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

(Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

But the fame means nothing to Honza, who says his best days have been when he was travelling without a penny but had his best friend at his side.

Honza added: “For a couple of months, we only lived in a small Combi car for a few months and travelled, discovering new places, and I can say that nothing was missing me.

“The most beautiful moments I’ve experienced in the days I’ve had the last few pennies in my pocket.

“I felt I was living more than ever before, and this feeling kept me sticking to my dream even though I was probably the only one who believed it for a while.”

(Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

(Honza Rehacek / SWNS)

Honza now sells his amazing photographs to customers around and is the Czech Fujifilm ambassador.

Honza said: “I will continue to discover my beautiful country and hopefully one of the next journeys will be in the Slovakian mountains, because you know, Sitka is a Czechoslovakian Wolf and I want to show him the beauty of these places.

“I want to take him home.”



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