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Little Pup Found Close To Death In Cardboard Box Weighed Less Than A Bag Of Sugar

A little pup found close to death after being dumped in a cardboard box weighed less than a bag of SUGAR.

Hockney, a weeks-old Terrier Cross, was left in the field on Saturday March 2 without food, water or a blanket to keep warm.

The poorly puppy – who weighed less than who weighed less than one kilogramme – was infected with worms and mange caused by parasitic mites.

Little Hockney after being rescued

He was also far too young to be parted from his mother and so cold vets believed he would have died if left any longer in the field in Castleford, West Yorks.

Thankfully, a Dogs Trust member found the puppy, who has now been nicknamed Hockney after the famous artist who last week was rescued after getting stuck in a lift in Amsterdam, and saved his life.

He is now being looked after at one of the Dogs Trust rehoming centres in Yorkshire.

Emma Cooper, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds who is helping care for Hockney, said: “Puppies of this age shouldn’t be away from their mum, let alone left to fend for themselves in a field.

Hockney exploring his new home


“He was immediately seen by a vet after being rescued who said he wouldn’t have survived much longer as he was so cold.

“He hadn’t even been left with a blanket. He had worms and has mange, a skin disease, which is he is being treated for.

“At first he didn’t want to eat anything but his appetite is definitely improving and he is becoming more like the inquisitive puppy he should be at his age.

“We will be looking after him for a few weeks until he has fully recovered and then we will be looking for a wonderful forever home for him where he will continue to get all the love he deserves and needs to grow into a happy, healthy adult dog.”

Hockney at the Dogs Trust rehoming centre


Hockney, who is now only 5 weeks old, is too young to be adopted yet but Dogs Trust are hoping that he will be available in the next two or three weeks.

They have reminded people that they should consider the long-term commitment of a dog before bringing one into their home.

Dogs Trust has also stressed that they are there to help anyone who is worried they cannot care for their dog can speak to them and they do not need to abandon their dogs.

Hoping to find his forever home


To find out more and keep updated on when Hockney will be made available for rehoming visit




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