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AnimalsMust ReadMassive Wild BOAR Spotted – Sparking Fears Britain’s Booming Population Is Spreading

Massive Wild BOAR Spotted – Sparking Fears Britain’s Booming Population Is Spreading

This massive wild BOAR has been spotted – sparking fears Britain’s booming population is spreading.

The large feral pig was seen wandering the countryside in Bruton in Somerset by two stunned locals.

Britain’s biggest population of the wild boars are found 60 miles away in the Forest of Dean where they have become notorious.

The rampant animals there have raided wheelie bins, dug up lawns, attacked dogs and destroyed sports playing fields.

According to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust there isn’t a confirmed breeding population of boar in Somerset and it is a rare sighting there.

The animals are known to be their most violent and dangerous during their mating season which typically takes place between November and January.

The boar spotted in Somerset have sparked a frenzy on local Facebook groups.

The first post by Susan Charlton on Monday said: “Be careful if walking with dogs or children… not looking forward to meeting than with the horses!”

Ann Jenkins, who photographed the wild animal, said: “It ran out in front of car coming down the hill on Sunday.”

In April this year, a group ran riot in a graveyard in Cinderford by the Forest of Dean, jumping over churchyard walls and digging up graves.

And in January, dog walker Clive Lilley, 35, was left terrified when one of the animals burst out of undergrowth and bit off the tip of his finger.

Boar are often culled in other parts of the UK because the males can reproduce quickly with an average litter of five.

A woman who only wanted to be known as Heather, who saw the boar in Somerset this week, said: “Personally I don’t believe in culling.

”They are a natural beauty, though they are considered dangerous. We are in their habitat. I hope someone can help keep them safe.”

There may be as many as 4,000 boar in the UK.

A spokeswoman for the Somerset Environmental Records Centre said it is rare to see a wild boar in the region.

She said: “We currently only have five records of wild boar in Somerset – the most recent being from 2011 in North Brewham, which is not far at all from King Alfred’s Tower.

“Our other records are from the Quantocks and Exmoor.”

Although there are large boar populations in Gloucestershire and Dorset, the figures show this is not the case for Somerset.

But the spokeswoman said there may have been more boar in the area which were not been spotted.

She said: “The low number of records held by us does not mean they have not been recorded elsewhere.”

According to the Forestry Commission, the wild boar population across the whole of the UK is difficult to estimate but there are believed to be 2,000-4,000.

A spokeswoman said: “The responsibility for managing feral pig populations lies with local communities and individual landowners.” urges people not to provoke the animals.

The advice on the website says: “Although it has a fierce reputation, it is extremely rare for a boar to be aggressive towards humans; this is only likely to happen if an animal is cornered, or if a sow senses her young are threatened.”



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