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AnimalsEditor's PicksOrphaned foal who took internet by storm due to his teddy bear still sleeps with it three years later

Orphaned foal who took internet by storm due to his teddy bear still sleeps with it three years later

An orphaned foal nursed back to health with the help of a teddy bear still sleeps with it – despite growing much larger than his cuddly friend.

Breeze the horse was abandoned by his mother and taken to a mare and foal sanctuary in 2013 – when he was only a couple of hours old.

He was gifted Buttons the teddy to keep him company and act as a surrogate mother – and the two have been inseparable since.

And when the adorable pictures of the two surfaced online, Breeze became an instant celebrity.

swns_orphaned_foal_05A heartwarming video of the two together has been viewed more than two and a half million times,

Now fresh pictures have been released showing that although Breeze is all grown-up and is bigger than Buttons – his loyal old friend has barely left his side.

Tracey Dixon, the yard manager at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s Upcott Park centre, in Devon, where Breeze lives, said: “Consistent handling and regular training has helped to control Breeze, but our staff still have to keep an eye on him.

“He’s really thriving in the open spaces of north Devon, he’s also settled into a large herd and spends hours playing with the other youngsters.

“Eventually, when he’s ready, we’ll look for a new home for him.”

Breeze all grown up

Breeze all grown up

Breeze was abandoned near a park by his mother just hours after being born.

He was found by farmers who took him to the sanctuary – and that’s where he met Buttons.

Buttons was hoped to be a surrogate mother to the animal and photos of the two became an internet sensation.

Now, aged just three, Breeze is hoping to make the headlines again – by starring in a new calendar shoot.

Tracey added: “We couldn’t be prouder of how far he’s come.”



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