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Pet Photographer Captures Series Of Hilarious Images Of Dogs ‘Flying Through The Air’

These quirky images show a series of dogs seemingly flying through the air or hanging in space.

A pet photographer snapped the pooches from underneath a glass plate they were either standing or lying on.

The unusual perspective gives the illusion that the mutts are flying through the air or suspended in space.

Colin Crowdey, 53, who is also known as ‘The Gloucester Dog Photographer’ is renowned for his quirky and funny pet photos.

Colin Crowdey

One of his most popular methods is taking photos from underneath a glass plate which captures shots of dogs looking directly down the camera lens from above.

He explained: “It’s essentially a giant coffee table so it’s a piece of glass that is safe for the dogs and there’s a remote controlled camera underneath.

“I stand there with squeaky toys and treats because they have to look down otherwise you just get chins.

“It’s quite different for dogs because most don’t really stand on glass. Dogs with long legs can be particularly challenging!

“Dalmatians have a high centre of gravity because of their long legs so you have to be really careful otherwise you get splayed legs!”

Colin also uses a various amounts of props including skateboards and is known by his customers for shooting quirky photos of their pampered pooch.

Colin Crowdey
Colin Crowdey

He said: “I always ask what the customer wants but I shoot a variety of different things because people come to me for photos you won’t get anywhere else in this area.

“I like to do things customers can’t get anywhere else. It’s all about the dogs, it’s not about me.

“I don’t pick up my camera for the first 20 minutes because I like to get to know the dogs, to make a fuss over them. I love the dogs.

“The more they get used to me, the more their personality will come out and you get better pictures.”

After leaving behind family photography five years ago, Colin set up his own custom-built studio in Gloucester and has not looked backed since.

He said: “You do get the odd diva dog. I do about 25 dogs a week, every week so it’s a lot of dogs!

“It can be challenging, especially the small diva dogs because they run off and hide whereas the bigger ones can’t really hide anywhere and you can generally coax them into doing something.

“You have got to have a lot of patience and I don’t often get stressed but sometimes in this job you do!”

Colin Crowdey, 53 known as The Gloucester Dog Photographer.
Colin Crowdey

Colin, who has a Tibetan terrier, said he always tries to capture the dog’s personality when taking photos describing it as “challenging but fun”.

He added: “It’s so easy to get into a rut of just taking photos of dog after dog, it can be like a conveyor belt of customers. I like something that tests me so when we have five or six dogs that is something quite fun.

“You can take a nice photo of a dog and the owner can say: ‘It’s nice, but it’s not my dog, it’s not their personality’ so we always try to capture their personality and make it unique to every customer.

“People bring young dogs, group of dogs and some people bring really old dogs who are coming to the end of their lives so it’s really important to capture their personality.

“When they see the photos they are so happy and are quite often in tears. If my customers are happy then I’m happy. It’s fantastic, I love it!”



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