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AnimalsMust ReadReal-life Dr Dolittle Takes Stunning Shots With Four-Legged Models Thanks To Her Amazing Bond With Dogs

Real-life Dr Dolittle Takes Stunning Shots With Four-Legged Models Thanks To Her Amazing Bond With Dogs

This incredible photographer has used her unique connection with her stunning canine friends to capture these adorable shots of beautiful pooches.

Iza Lyson, 20, who lives near Krakow, Poland, says she thinks it is better to work with animals because they “can’t hide their emotions” in her stunning photos.

This link certainly seems to bring out the best in her “four-legged models” – with them all posing adorably in her pictures.

Iza Lyson, 20 who has captured fantasic pictures of dogs (Iza Lyson /

She said: “Dogs were in my home since I remember and I always loved them.

“I think that it’s better for me to work with dogs than with people. I guess that’s because they can’t hide their emotions so I can understand them more easily.”

She says that the photogenic pets always form a bond with her – which she thinks is because of how much she loves working with them.

A pomeranian type dog captured by Iza Lyson, 20 (Iza Lyson /

Other have even commented on her ‘Dr. Dolittle’ style abilities.

She said: “I just love to work with them and they feel it, that makes them want to cooperate with me.

“People that I meet on photo sessions say that I have great connection with my four-legged models.

“My favourite animals are dogs, foxes and wolves, but I’m also fascinated with big cats and others wild animals.”

She began taking photos first of her golden retriever Luna and then started snapping more dogs.

At the moment photography is her hobby and she is studying neuroscience at university.

(Iza Lyson /

However she says taking photos is something she “can’t live” without.

Her dream in future is to capture more and more animals in their natural environments.

She said: “I hope that I will have an opportunity to photograph them in natural environment some day.

“I love perfect composed pictures with good looking or funny animals.



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