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Royal Mail Postman Gets Attacked By Growling Cat Who Is ‘Possessive Over Parcels’

The owner of a ginger cat has issued an apology to a postman – because it keeps scratching him when he delivers parcels.

Serena Churchill, 19, has put up warning signs saying “beware of the cat” because her pet Boris is ”possessive” of them.

In a Facebook post, she wrote: “If anyone knows a postman (Royal Mail) who probably got scratched whilst posting my parcel through my letterbox and heard me shout ‘Boris no!’, please tell them I am so sorry.

“I tried to stop Boris but he growled at me. He always waits for the postman, doesn’t attack very often unless they take too long or he can see a hand!

“He loves parcels, tries to carry them to either the kitchen window or toilet. He’s got a big personality.”

Her online apology alongside the video of Boris hissing with a package in his mouth has received over 350 likes, with many people saying the video had “brightened their day.”



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