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AnimalsMust ReadSpringer Spaniel Badly Injured After Being Attacked By Dangerous Dog

Springer Spaniel Badly Injured After Being Attacked By Dangerous Dog

These shocking photos show the horrific injuries suffered by an English springer spaniel after he was attacked by a dangerous dog.

Jasper was left needing 60 stitches when the dog – believed to be a pit bull breed – sunk its teeth and clamped down into its body in a random attack.

The awful incident unfolded on a street only metres away from the home of owner Jackie Dawson, 57, who took the eight-year-old pooch for his usual walk at about 7pm on January 8,

Jackie was forced to look on in horror as the vicious dog appeared “from out of nowhere” and latched onto the family pet.

As Jasper lay helplessly yelping in pain in the street an unknown man – believed to be the other dog’s owner – appeared and prised the savage animal off him.

Luckily Jasper’s injury was on a fleshy part of his body and vets were able to save him – but Jackie, of Rotherham, South Yorks., said the outcome could have been much worse.

She said: “The guy was thumping it and trying to prise its jaws open – it was just horrendous.

“I honestly thought ‘that dog is going to kill him’ – I was terrified.

“There was nothing I could do and Jasper was crying and howling.

“He’s a family pet we’ve had for eight years – I do not want to experience anything like that again.”

Once Jasper was able to escape, Jackie and the injured dog ran to a nearby friend’s house and rushed him to a vet’s practice.

Jackie said: “The vet told me if it had been anywhere else on Jasper’s body he would not have stood a chance.

“If it had been his neck he would have been gone – it was just luck.”

However this is not the first time jasper has been injured.

He lost his left leg aged one when it became trapped in a rabbit hole while he was running – causing his shoulder to shatter.

Jackie’s son Connor Barratt, 20, met his mother and brother Callum, 18, at the vet’s practice where Jasper was treated after the savage attack.

He said: “Pit bulls have a tendency to lock on and it was only in the one area.

“Jasper had to have 60 stitches but he was so lucky – it looks really bad but it was more of a flesh wound.

“None of the muscle underneath was compromised – if it had been deeper he would have had to be put to sleep.

“The vet had to stretch skin from his abdomen and back to close up the wound.

“The real risk was from infection as the wound covered most of his left side.

“Jasper was making some horrible noises afterwards – me and mum slept downstairs with him for the next couple of nights because he was just laid there crying.

“But from since Wednesday he’s really picked up – he’s been on some walks and seen some other dogs but is still not 100 per cent.

“When you stroke him he’s still a bit nervous – he won’t be the same around dogs again.

“He is very nervous about going out in the garden on his own now.”

Now in the aftermath of the traumatic attack Connor believes dogs with the potential to do such damage should be muzzled.

He said: “For me personally, I don’t have a problem with pit bulls or any breeds of dog.

“It’s how you raise them – but I’m sure this can’t have been the first time.”



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