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AnimalsMost PopularRSPCA Are Facing One Of Their Toughest Rehoming Tasks – A Giant Dog The Same Size As A PONY

RSPCA Are Facing One Of Their Toughest Rehoming Tasks – A Giant Dog The Same Size As A PONY

Animal rescuers are facing one of their toughest rehoming tasks – a giant dog the same size as a PONY.

The Mastiff-cross was described as a ‘big softie’ that loves nothing more than to cuddle his teddies – despite being bigger than a pony.

Rocky weighs more than 11 stone, and wolfs down an impressive two pounds of food.

He every day and enjoys going for walks at the paddock where he is larger than the ponies he likes to greet.

The seven-year-old dog was found ‘in a real state’ wandering around Chobham Common in Surrey after his owners felt they could no longer meet their giant pet’s needs.

He now lives at the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre where staff hope to find the ‘gentle giant’ a new home with owners with experience of large breeds.

Deputy manager, Liz Wood, said: “Rocky hasn’t had it easy and has lived outside most of his life.

“He was underweight, covered in pressure sores and in a real state when he first arrived here.

“He’s now more than 70kg and is eating us out of house and home.

“He loves to go for walks around the paddocks here and say hello to the ponies.

“I think he feels like he fits in better in the stables as he’s the same size as some of our miniature Shetlands.

“Jack and Percy are 7.2hh and Rocky stands taller than both of them.

“While some people may find his size a bit intimidating, he’s just a gentle giant.”

RSPCA staff said Rocky would benefit from more training and socialisation with other dogs.

He is friendly with other dogs but does not like to share his beloved toys so staff feel he would be best as the only dog in the home.

Liz added: “He absolutely loves his toys and enjoys nothing more than cuddling up to a teddy bear for a nap on his special memory foam mattress – it’s utterly adorable.

“He also loves playing with footballs and, despite being seven, he really seems to have discovered his inner puppy again since arriving here.”

Rocky used to live outside and will need time to adapt to life inside the home.

He might need to be house trained and allowed time to get used to going in a car.

RSPCA staff said he would like an owner who is around for more of the day to help him settle and then teach him that it’s okay to be left alone.



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