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Two Pooches Tie The Knot In Adorable Dog Wedding

This is the moment two pooches vowed to stay together ‘til death do us BARK’ in a wedding ceremony at a care home.

Poodle Flossie and labradoodle Boy made their relationship official on September 29 after a year of doggy dating and a litter of pups.

The pup-tials were dreamt up by the dogs’ owner Maleka Clarke, 38, the director of nursing at the Ethan Allen Residence in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

Flossie looked every inch the bride in a wedding veil, tiara, diamanté collar and tulle skirt as she padded up the aisle to the sounds of ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?’.

Groom Boy was kitted out in a collar and bow tie and munched dog treats during the unconventional vows as 80 guests, most of whom were residents at the home, and five canines looked on.

They sang rousing hymns including ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Paws’ as Flossie and Boy lapped up the attention.

The newlyweds, both around a year old, dug into a wedding cake featuring bones made out of peanut butter, and dog guests were given goody bags full of treats, chew toys and tennis balls.

Maleka decided to stage the wedding when she found out that Flossie was expecting.

She said: “I got Boy from an Amish farm and I have always said that he is a good Amish dog.

“Good Amish men have to get married and so when I discovered Flossie was pregnant with Boy’s pups, it seemed like such a fun idea to have them tie the knot.

“We were joking around but the crazy idea took hold. I spent months planning it.

“I made the collar for Flossie to wear and we got the veil from a wedding teddy bear. I made her skirt with tulle.”

The wedding was intended to be a shotgun wedding but Flossie gave birth to her seven pups early, two weeks before the big day.

Maleka said: “I didn’t want her to get pregnant. I separated her from Boy when she was on heat but they obviously found a way.

“I kept thinking she was just getting a bit heavy but then the vet told me she was pregnant.

“The puppies were at the wedding. We put little blue bows on their collars and they arrived in a wagon.”

Maleka planned the wedding in meticulous detail with the help of Cameron Segal, 24, development manager at the Living Well Group which runs the home.

Cameron said: “These two dogs have brought so much joy to our residents, 90 per cent of whom have dementia.

“They feel calmer and comforted by petting Boy and Flossie and so it was only right that they were all involved in the wedding.”

Members and staff of the Ethan Allen Residence nursing home get in the doggy wedding mood.

Residents helped local florists bedeck the home’s living room with flowers for the wedding and enjoyed a photo booth where they posed with bones and dog masks.

The residents cuddled the puppies throughout the ceremony and read out poems about love and dogs at the reception.

Maleka said she planned on giving the puppies away to good homes while their parents will stay on in the home and luxuriate in their wedded bliss.

She said: “The entire wedding from concept to execution has brought joy. It was fun for the sheer joy of having fun.

“The night before I was up late making a wedding dress for a poodle. It doesn’t get much madder than that.”



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