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AnimalsTop StoriesWater-Loving Feline Spends His Days Paddleboarding On Some Of Canada’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Water-Loving Feline Spends His Days Paddleboarding On Some Of Canada’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Meet the talented cat that spends its days paddleboarding on some of Canada’s most beautiful lakes.

The two-year-old Bengal fell in love with the water sport after his owner JD Batbatan, 34, brought him on a paddleboard trip to their local lake.

JD, a critical care nurse, had read that Logan’s breed sometimes enjoyed water and decided to put his research to the test on Kalamalka Lake in March 2017.

The daring cat loved the experience so much that JD, of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada now brings him on all of his paddleboarding adventures.

JD says Logan isn’t the only animal to fall in love with the hobby as the cat often is joined by Yoda, a four-year-old pygmy goat, owned by the nurse’s pal Shanda Hill.

He said: “When he was about five months old I took him with me paddleboarding.

“He really enjoyed the water and the trees.

“It felt like a really natural thing so I kept on bringing him.

“I never thought it wasn’t normal until people started looking at me and taking photos. They can’t believe he loves paddle boarding.

“In the summertime we go twice a week, and if it’s not too cold in the winter I’ll still take him with me. He has a few different coats.

“Everyone is really amazed when they see him.

“Sometimes Logan goes paddle boarding with my friend’s goat Yoda.

“He’s a pygmy goat and he’s amazing. He really interests me. This goat goes paddle boarding but he also loves hiking.”

JD, who bought Logan in February 2017, said paddleboarding is a more enjoyable experience now that he has a companion.

The duo plan to travel further to explore their hobby together and dream of paddle boarding in the US.

“We have traveled to Alberta which is four hours away to go paddle boarding. I would love to go further afield and visit Lake Louise or even go to the States with Logan.

“I feel like Logan really enjoys paddle boarding.

“He’s great company and he doesn’t complain like humans.

“Sometimes he falls into the water chasing dragon flies but he’s a good swimmer so I’m not afraid. And once I dry him off he’s fine.

“Pets shouldn’t stay in the home anyway. They need to be free sometimes.”

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