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Wild Shetland Pony Interrupted Family Camping Trip And Raided The Breakfast Rolls

This is the hilarious moment a wild pony stumbled into a tent on a family camping trip and refused to leave – until he ate all their breakfast rolls.

The hungry horse poked its head into the tent on the New Forest camp site and when he spotted Harry and Archie Egerton inside, wandered in.

The funny video shows their dad John Egerton, 33, clicking his fingers, tutting, and patting the Shetland on the behind to get it out the tent.

He even dangles the remaining white baps in front of the pony to lure it away.

Meanwhile, wife Alice, 34, filmed the incident while Harry, 12, and Archie, 8, watched on giggling.

Alice said: “It was just standing there, its head was poking through the tent.

“They wanted the pony to come in the tent, and I was like – ‘No no no no’.

“We didn’t have the netting up to stop it coming in, so when the boys went over to pat it and encouraged it to come in, she – I think she’s a she – just strolled in.

“I was telling John to get it out while Harry and I hid down the side of the tent.

“Archie was with his dad, finding the whole thing so funny.

Though she stopped filming the incident, Alice said they put the netting up – just before the pony came back a few minutes later and tried to get in again.

Alice said: “She came at us with a trot, but bounced straight off the netting.”

John and Alice had to walk five minutes to the nearest shop to buy more baps for the sausages they planned to barbecue the next day.

Alice said: “It was absolutely the highlight of the trip – just amazing.”

The pony invaded the tent at around 4pm on 1 June, when office manager Alice and operations director John were on holiday for Harry’s birthday.

Harry and younger brother Archie then spotted the pony stood outside the tent.



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