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AnimalsTop StoriesWoman Claims She Is The Real Life Dr Dolittle After ‘Curing’ Animal Stress

Woman Claims She Is The Real Life Dr Dolittle After ‘Curing’ Animal Stress

An animal lover who says she has ‘full-blown conversations’ with animals has jacked her job in – to become a “real life Dr Dolittle”.

Ruthy Bradshaw, 41, who was director of her own marketing business, now charges THOUSANDS of pounds to talk to people’s pets helping them to express themselves.

Ruthy – who calls herself Ruthy Doolittle – offers therapy to anxious pets.

She charges £997 for her services – or pet owners can fork out an extra £1997 if they want to learn the language herself.

Ruthy claims she was born with the gift of being able to communicate with animals – and can even contact them from beyond the grave.

Ruth Bradshaw also known as Ruth Doolittle with one of her pet rats Twinkle at her home in Colchester, Essex.

Married Ruthy, of Colchester, Essex said she recently went to visit a horse which had anxiety.

She said yes and no answers can sometimes be represented by signals she picks up from the animals.

She said: “Animals can understand everything we say.

“And the horse was able to give me the information very quickly.

“I can’t explain how it happens.

“But I will make a voice up in my head of them talking back to me.

“They can be a little bit guarded about communicating with me at first – I am a stranger. What am I doing poking around in their business.

“But when I was communicating with this particular horse I instantly saw red and a broom.

“I said to the lady that he had been hit with a broom by someone with a red polo t-shirt on.

“The lady said the last place he had been, all the staff wore red polo shirts and it had confirmed her thoughts that he had been beaten.

“The horse was able to give me that information very, very quickly.”

Ruth Bradshaw also known as Ruth Doolittle with Alduin the bearded dragon age 4 at her home in Colchester, Essex.

Animal whisperer, Ruthy, also claims that she has previously told owners unanswered questions from their pets who have passed away.

Ruthy says: “I worked with a couple whose sadly four cats perished in their house fire.

“They had lots of questions – they were stressed and affected by what had happened.

“When I connected with their main male cat who has passed across the rainbow bridge – I got was this sense of a roast potato, a beautiful, really big steaming, crispy on the outside homemade roast potato.

“The owners burst out laughing and said that was their cat to a ‘T’ – he would always go for the roast potatoes.”

Ruthy says she first started to take real notice of her “sixth sense” when she heard voices whilst she was in Madagascar on an humanitarian project in October 2008.

Ruth Bradshaw also know as Ruth Doolittle with one of her cats Nubi age 14 and mix breed dog Marshall age 3 at her home in Colchester, Essex.

She continued: “I was about to enter the jungle and I just felt unwelcome. I heard a voice saying ‘Get out’.

“I looked up and there was a Lemur staring directly at me – it defecated on my head.

“That confirmed why I heard the voice.”

Ruthy Doolittle said she originally kept her talents hidden, but is now committed to the thing which “sets her heart on fire”.

Ruth Bradshaw also known as Ruth Doolittle with one of her pet rats Twinkle at her home in Colchester, Essex.

Ruthy, who has been married for three years, said: “If I wasn’t married I would legally change my surname to Doolittle.

“I absolutely love what I do.

“But my husband, Chris, is so supportive. He has always known me to be different to the masses.

“It has been a continual journey. I think I have always had the gift but never understood what it was.

“I believe we are all born with this because it works on initiative and everyone has that.

“You just have to work on your belief.”

Ruthy also charges £25 for a mini reading over the telephone which includes half an hour of talking with the animal and half an hour of feedback.



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