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Bizarre12-year-old girl suffered broken bones playing Russian Rock Paper Scissors using a brick

12-year-old girl suffered broken bones playing Russian Rock Paper Scissors using a brick

A horrified mother has told how her 12-year-old girl suffered broken bones in her hand – after playing a sinister, Russian-version of the kids’ ‘rock, paper, scissors’ game.

Lexie Hurst was left with a large swelling in her hand after being struck by the brick on the hand while playing the game with a group of friends on Monday night (May 6).

Rock–paper–scissors is a game usually played between two people in which each player forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand.

In this version on the game, the hand gestures are replaced with physical objects including bricks and scissors.

Lexie’s mother Nicola Teeling, 38, originally thought the blood swelling on Lexie’s hand was linked to Diabetes – which she suffers from.

However, she was shocked to discover the brick was used as an alternative to the ‘rock’ gesture made in the game by an older girl.

She was rushed to a walk in centre with “extreme swelling and loss of feeling” on Tuesday afternoon where Nicola was told her daughter had broken a small bone in her hand.

Nicola, a cabin crew worker, is now speaking out to warn other parents of the devastating consequences of their children taking part of the game – which is believed to have been spotted on YouTube.

Nicola, from Haydock, Merseyside, said: “It is absolutely shocking.

“When we went into the walk in centre they said it wasn’t the first case they had seen.

“I had no idea about the game until Monday and I want to warn all of the other mums about what can happen to their children.”

Nicola said her daughter is very naive and didn’t know what she was playing.

She does not believe there was any malice behind the game but said Lexie described other disturbing aspects of the game.

Nicola added: “If you get rocks, you get hit with rocks or with force.

“If you get scissors you get hurt with scissors or a knife.

“Lexie was even saying they tie something around your neck if you get paper.”

“Please just warn your kids of the dangers not just to themselves but what can happen to their friends.

“They may not realise how dangerous this could really be, it is already bad what happened to Lexie.

“When I heard of the other things, I now realise it could have been even worse.

“It is really scary.”

Lexie now has to wear a cast on her hand and have check ups due to the broken bones in her hand.



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