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BizarreMost PopularCouncil workers painting double yellow lines leave gaps around parked cars

Council workers painting double yellow lines leave gaps around parked cars

Lazy council workers have been branded “bonkers” after they painted double yellow lines on a street but left gaps around – PARKED CARS.

The workmen spent more than two hours daubing the road on Sunday (24/7) despite residents saying no notification was given that the work would be carried out.

Incredibly, the bungling workers left big gaps around four parked cars and just painted the yellow lines in-between the vehicles.

The gaps left by the workmen

The gaps left by the workmen

Hilarious pictures taken on Holmleigh Way in Chellaston, Derby, show cars including a white BMW with bright yellow markings directly behind and in front of them.

Another snap shows a space at the side of the road where a vehicle has driven off meaning there is a big space between the double yellow lines.

One resident on the road, who didn’t want to be named, said: “We left the house at about 9.30am and got home at 12.30pm and the lines were down so they must have worked really hard.

“But we had no idea they were coming to do the work and it looked like they have painted around three or four cars that must have been parked there.

“I assume they will have to come back and finish the job off.

“It’s a bonkers move really.”

Darren Werbowy, 40, said his wife noticed the lines had been painted when she went to the local shops.

He added: “She came back and said the lines were down so they didn’t hang around but we had no idea they were coming on a Sunday to do the work.

The gaps left by the workmen

The gaps left by the workmen

“We’ve had nothing through the door or attached to lamppost in the street for example.

“I actually think having the lines put down is a really good idea as a lot of people park in the street who car share and use the A50, so they park there for the day clogging up the streets.

“People also use this street as a drop-off and pick-up point and it can get really busy.

“But to hear that they have had to paint around cars is a bit daft really.”

Another resident added: “I went out earlier in the morning and came back about 11am and the lines were down.

“I saw they had had to paint around the cars that were already parked there.

“It’s quite funny really, I assume they’ll just have to come back and fill in the gaps.”

Four cars – a BMW, a work van, a Vauxhall Corsa and a Ford Fiesta – were painted around at the top end of the road near a business park.

The gaps left by the workmen

The gaps left by the workmen

Yesterday (Mon), Derby City Council admitted workmen will have to return to the area to fill in the gaps left because of the parked vehicles.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, cabinet member for transport and streets, said: “The yellow lines have been painted there for a reason and the fact there were cars parked there today just means we cannot finish the job until they have gone back which will be done as soon as possible.”



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