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AnimalsBizarreMust ReadFire service called in to help FOX trapped in a WATERING CAN

Fire service called in to help FOX trapped in a WATERING CAN

Burly firemen were called to free a stricken fox after he got his entire head stuck – inside a watering can.

A member of the public rang the RSPCA after spotting the dozy animal wandering around an alleyway, banging into things because he couldn’t see.

The RSPCA rang the fire brigade, and between them the lifesaving heroes managed to plastic watering can away from the frightened fox, cut the can off the animal’s head before releasing it down an alleyway.

The fox was found roaming the streets of East Sheen, south west London, in the early hours of Friday morning.

RSPCA Watch Manager Ben Midgley said: “When we arrived the fox was wrapped in a towel and sleeping on the caller’s lap.

“It was very calm and we carefully cut the plastic to release its head.

“The fox was uninjured and we released it.”

The fire brigade was called by a resident living in the area, who had been hearing mysterious banging noises since the early hours.

She eventually spotted the animal wandering around the street with its head stuck in a plastic watering can.

The fox stuck in the watering can

The fox stuck in the watering can

He added: “The resident initially heard it banging around at about 6.30am but thought it was just builders on the opposite side of the road.

“After taking her kids to school she spotted the fox and phoned us.

“We found the fox with the resident who phoned it in, sitting in her lap in her car. She was trying to keep it calm.

“We took it out of the car because we didn’t want it in the car when we freed it because it was quite scared and we didn’t know what it would do.”

The incident has prompted the fire brigade to issue a reminder to people to always call the RSPCA first if they are concerned about an animal that is injured or in distress.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “The Brigade was able to attend on this occasion but our advice to people if they come across an animal injured or in distress is to always call the RSPCA in the first instance as they will contact us if they need our assistance.

“We will always be there in an emergency or if there is a risk that people may put themselves in danger trying to assist an animal themselves, but not all animal rescues need our help.”



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