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BizarreMost PopularHero Driver Rescued Ten-Month-Old BABY Found Crawling Across The Middle Of A ROAD

Hero Driver Rescued Ten-Month-Old BABY Found Crawling Across The Middle Of A ROAD

This is the shocking moment a hero driver rescued a ten-month-old baby boy he found — crawling in the middle of a ROAD.

Cory Cannon, 41, was driving between jobs at work when he spotted what he thought was a plastic toy in the road.

The married father-of-one slowed down – and was horrified when he saw the object move, and realised it was a baby.

Hero Cory Cannon, 41, with his four-month-old daughter Zahnovia Moonbeam Cannon

The tot was crawling on all fours in the middle of the busy road, which has a 40mph speed limit

The TV technician stopped traffic with his vehicle, before snapping a photo as “evidence” while he raced towards the little one.

Terrified he would be accused of taking the baby, he quickly called to a neighbour to come and pick up the little boy while he held back the traffic in Lakewood, New Jersey.

He spotted a nearby home with an open door and screen – and alerted the father who was inside and apparently oblivious to his missing child, on Saturday afternoon, he said.

Cory from Eatontown, New Jersey, said: “I wasn’t sure what it was until I saw the baby move.

“I walked up to the child and the neighbour came out and picked up the baby.

“She wasn’t exactly sure where he had come from.

“I was so shocked. It’s a pretty busy road but because it’s a Saturday it was much quieter.

“It was such a dangerous situation.

“I have a four-month-old daughter so it really hit home.”

The police have investigated and discovered the infant might have escaped through a door that was left open by an older sibling, reports said.

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles said state child welfare workers had been in contact with the baby’s family, according to local newspaper Asbury Park Press.



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