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Internet Erupts After Incredible Pictures Of Giant Multi-Coloured Squirrels Set Social Media Alight

These striking, giant squirrels with their brightly-coloured fur coats look absolutely nuts!

The radiant rodents and their three-tone coats put their dismal, grey and red UK cousins firmly into the shade.

The Malabar Giant squirrel – double the size of their grey relatives and measuring up to 36 inches from head to tail – live deep in the forests of India.

The athletic animals can leap an incredible 20 feet between trees.

Photographer Kaushik Vijayan, 39, snapped the animals in their native habit to produce these stunning images.

Kaushik, from Kerala State, India, said: “The response I see from the people on social media when I post a picture of the giant squirrels fuels my enthusiasm to go out there.

“It was when I shared some of the photographs on social media many of my friends and followers came to know about the Malabar Giant Squirrel and they were all amazed by its appearance.

“Up until that point I had never heard about a squirrel like that or seen one.

“The sight was an absolute feast for my eyes.

“The squirrels fascinated me and I got excited to capture this beauty on my camera.”

The amateur wildlife photographer, who works in finance in Saudi Arabia and has over 20,000 followers on Instagram has attracted thousands of likes and comments with the amazing pictures.



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