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Seal Found In Norfolk Garden After Escaping Four Miles From The Sea

An adventurous seal was found rummaging in the bushes of a garden after escaping – four miles from the sea.

The three-week-old pup, was spotted by a shocked homeowner on Wednesday who claims she had to take a double-look as she glanced out of her garden window.

It is thought the baby seal travelled up a drainage system and was searching on mainland in the hope of finding food and water.

The homeowner from Terrington St Clements, Norfolk then called the RSPCA to pick up the adventurous seal.

RSPCA officer Naemi Kilbey said: “When the call first came through I was wondering if there had been a misunderstanding as to how far inland this pup had been found, but it turned out this little pup really was miles from the sea!

“He was an incredibly feisty little fella and it took all my strength to catch and rescue him, but it would have been his spirit and fight for life, that would have kept him alive during his ordeal.

“If he hadn’t been found he would have likely have died of starvation due to not being able to find any food.

“I’m so glad that this was a happy ending and that the pup was found. He really was quite a character.”

The pup was taken to the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre in East Winch, Norfolk, where he was checked over before being released to the shore days later.

RSPCA East Winch centre manager Alison Charles said: “Seals are incredibly strong and powerful wild animals and can have a very powerful bite which can cause horrible wounds.

“People may think they are helping, but these are wild animals, and need to be left well alone.

“If you see a sick or injured pup please call the RSPCA’s emergency cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.”



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