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CrimeMost PopularNewlywed Devastated After Crooks Stole Her Wedding Dress – While She Was Organising Her Gran’s Funeral

Newlywed Devastated After Crooks Stole Her Wedding Dress – While She Was Organising Her Gran’s Funeral

A newlywed is begging for the return of her wedding dress after cruel thieves stole it – while she was helping arrange her grandmother’s funeral.

Anya Forward has been left ‘devastated’ after her home was broken into and the beautiful dress taken, which she wore for her wedding just four weeks ago.

The Marilyne wedding dress, which cost £2,500 from Halfpenny London, was in a black canvas tote bag ready to go to the dry-cleaner’s when the burglars broke in.

Anya, 31, and husband Arran, who live in West Norwood, south London, had their house burgled on June 29.

Stunning Anya, who works in healthcare PR, said: “I absolutely loved my dress and I knew from the moment I tried it on that that was the dress I’d wear.

“I’m devastated as it is such a strong reminder of our wedding day.

“I also always think back to when my sister and I were little and we would try on our mum’s wedding dress.

“I’m very sentimental and I guess I was hoping one day I may be able to do the same with my dress.”

Anya Forward and husband Aaron on their wedding day.

The dress is white, satin underneath with a French overlay and little sleeves.

Anya was at her parents’ home when the break-in took place, arranging the funeral for her grandmother, who had died the previous week.

She says Arran, 30, did not tell her what had been taken until he got home from his job as a solicitor and inspected the damage.

She added: “They got in through a communal door and kicked a hole through our flat door, it was completely damaged.

“Arran didn’t tell me what had happened until he came back and saw what they’d taken, and I found out later that evening.

Anya Forward’s wedding dress in the middle.

“I went through a list of the most important items to see if they were still there, and I just didn’t expect for them to take my dress.

“My grandmother had been ill and because of everything else that was happening, I hadn’t had time to take it to the dry cleaner’s.

“I found out the bag was gone and didn’t know why they’d want the dress, but I think they’d just taken the bag and put the other stuff in it which they took.

“They stole laptops, a camera, the watch I got my husband on our wedding day and a watch his grandfather had given him.

“The police came but I don’t know what they’d do with the dress, I’m hoping they might try and sell it or something but if they’ve thrown it away, it’s unlikely I’ll get it back.

“Loads of people have shared it on Facebook, and one of my friends knows Kate Halfpenny, the designer, so she’s shared it, which is amazing.

“It’s one of the things I associate with my wedding the most and I don’t know if whoever stole it would even know it was a wedding dress.”

The Met Police are aware of the incident and are investigating.



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