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CuteEditor's PicksThis angler has landed the catch of a lifetime

This angler has landed the catch of a lifetime

A romantic angler has landed the catch of a lifetime after he fished an engagement ring from the water and proposed to his girlfriend.

Jordan Rob with fiancee Zoe Johnstone

Jordan Rob with fiancee Zoe Johnstone

Loved-up Jordan Robb, 21, popped the big question during a fishing trip when he attached a ring to his line and pretended he had catch.

But his girlfriend, Zoe Johnston, 27, was left gobsmacked when he didn’t reel in a fish and asked her to marry him instead.

Luckily, the novel plan was a success and Zoe agreed.

And the happy couple are now looking forward to tying the knot.

The romantic proposal took place at Lomond Hills Fishery, Fife, Scotland, where Jordan likes to spend his favourite pastime.
The plastic fabricator, from Leslie, Fife, said: “I think I caught one. When I first proposed there was a bit of swearing and laughing, and then she said ‘yes’.

“I felt relieved because my heart was coming out of my chest before I asked.

“We carried on fishing for about an hour, I got about an hour’s fishing in.

“I love fishing and Zoe often comes with me so I thought it would be the ideal place to propose.

“I pretended I was trying out a new line but had tied an old ring on the end as I didn’t want to lose the real one.

“When I presented her with the box with the real ring in it she started laughing at first, then burst into tears.”

Fishery manager Alexander Wyness had been in on Jordan’s secret plan and waited at the side of the reservoir with a bottle of bubbly.

He said: “Jordan and Zoe are regulars and they’d taken a boat out on to the Noll reservoir for what Zoe thought was a normal day’s fishing.

“But unbeknown to her, Jordan had a ring with him. He’d attached it to the end of his fishing line and then pretended the line had snagged or something.

“When he pulled it out Zoe was gobsmacked to see the ring on the end of it and luckily she said ‘yes’.

“Some of us were watching from the edge of the reservoir and had a bottle of champagne waiting for them.

“It was Jordan’s 21st birthday the next day so he waited until then to tell the rest of his family so they could have a double celebration.”

The couple had a third reason to celebrate as Zoe is expecting their first baby, a boy, in November.



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