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Editor's PicksHow to spot a fake Breitling watch

How to spot a fake Breitling watch

If money is tight but luxury is desired, that’s a tough combination.

These days, even counterfeit watches can come with a fairly hefty price tag and no one wants to spend their hard-earned savings on their dream timepiece only to find they’ve actually purchased a counterfeit.

One brand which crooks try to imitate is Breitling and despite being a brand that prides itself on the intricate construction of its watches, fabricated models still flood the market.

If you’ve spied a second-hand Breitling and you think the price is too cheap, it probably is! But to avoid any doubts, here are a few points to bear in mind next time you are shopping for your wanted watch on a budget:


The most noticeable thing about a genuine Breitling watch is its weight. It’s a heavy item and weighing substantially more than its Rolex and Omega rivals.

If you choose not to purchase from an official retailer, this is a fairly good indicator that you may not be getting the real deal. On sites like eBay or gumtree, you should be very wary and always arrange to see the product first before parting with your precious cash.


The Breitling logo unveiled in 2018 (below) for newer watches has a vintage-style cursive text while retaining its yellow colour that has become so emblematic of the brand.

A genuine Breitling logo found on an older watch, has a winged anchor with the brand name Breitling etched onto the face underneath it. There’s a little gap between the anchor tip and the wings. There are inner lines defining the wings, but they don’t define their entire wingspan. This logo should be small and displayed clearly in the watch face.

On a fake Breitling watch, the anchor and wing touch – one of the indicators that you’re handling a spoof.

A third logo often seen should include a ‘B’ which looks 3D, with light bouncing off its curve. You wouldn’t find this with a replica and is often just a stamp on the dial instead. This can be seen below.


Numerals should be fairly large and take up the entire cavity of the date window, where often in a replica it will not. This is easy to spot if you look at the calendar window. The genuine Breitling will have a number taking up the whole space and is very clear to read.

Model and serial numbers

If you’re in any doubt about authenticity, a good thing to check out is the serial and model number of the watch in question.

A real Breitling watch has its model and serial number either on the band or casing. These numbers can be easily checked with an official dealer.

Smooth moves

The second hands on Breitling watches move incredibly smoothly and this is an excellent tip to look out for. With very few exceptions, this hand has mechanical movement.

Forgeries are often powered by batteries as they are very cheap to produce. With a fake, you’d expect to see a much more obvious tick.

Authenticity certificate

You should always ask for a certificate of authenticity when you buy a Breitling purchase. Even a used watch seller should be able to provide this as it demonstrates technical specifications of the watch and its manufacturing origin – key clues to whether it’s legit.

If you have any doubt about a watch you want to buy or have any concerns about its authenticity, take this as a warning. Always seek the advice of a certified retailer such as Luxe Watches, whose specialists are on hand to assist you with your Breitling purchase today.



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