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Britain’s ‘Most Hated Woman’ Is Going On The Run After Death Threat Trolls Leave Her “Fearing For Her Life”

Britain’s ‘most hated woman’ Carla Bellucci said she has been run out of town by abusive trolls whose death threats leave her “fearing for my life”.

The mum-of-three, 38, has previously admitted she faked having depression to get £7,000 NHS nose job.

But now she claims she’s too scared to walk down the street after enduring months of abuse from trolls who have made her life “hell”.

She claims to have been the victim of hateful rants and online tirades from strangers telling her she’d be “better off dead” and calling her vile names.

According to Carla the abuse started in June after she appeared on ITV’s This Morning show defending her decision to fake having depression to get £7,000 NHS nose job.

Former private health care worker, Carla, is now preparing to move out of her home in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, – which she said is regularly pelted with eggs.

She reckons it’s no longer safe for her and her three children – Jermaine, 16, Tanisha, 14 and Jayden Nurse, 12.

The family have been living in the town since 2015 but Carla claims hateful trolls have made it almost impossible to live in the town anymore.

Carla said her car and house are pelted with eggs on a weekly basis and she’s been left no option but to end the tenancy at her rented three-bed in the town.

(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)
(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)

She said: “The trolling is on another level. It has got really serious now and I do fear for my life here.

“I know I’ve brought it on myself but it’s unbearable now. My children can’t even go to school now, they are being home-schooled.

“I get called a slag and scum whenever I walk down the street. I can’t go anywhere in my neighbourhood now.

“People tell me I don’t deserve to have kids.

“I have received death threats on Instagram. People say I don’t deserve to have kids and they wish I would die in a car crash.

“It’s constant and it makes me feel rubbish. My kids shouldn’t have to see their mum being abused like this.

“I’m moving out of town completely. My tenancy is up next month and we’re moving somewhere else, it’s the only thing we can do.”

(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)

She hit the headlines earlier this year when she admitted to faking depression in order to get a £7,000 nose job – paid for by the NHS.

Carla then appeared on This Morning in June to discuss why she did it, and when on-screen defended her actions and said she would do it again.

In August, Carla began crowdfunding to raise £6,000 to pay for a bum lift for her ‘mental health’.

But the campaign only raised £15, Carla claims, so she decided to bin the idea.

(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)

Carla’s tenancy ends later this month and she has already signed on the dotted line for a new home on the other side of the county.

Since first appearing in the press and on TV, Carla said she’s been victimised and abused in the street and online.

Carla claims random people have shouted death threats to her in the street making her feel completely unwanted in the town.

Carla said: “I have brought it on myself and I know what I have done. But is this really a fair price to pay?

“My children should not have to hear things like this. It’s a toxic environment.

“I want my children to be able to go back to school like normal children.

“I want to be able to walk down my local high street without being shouted at by trolls.

(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)
(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)

“I am being abused and it makes my life hell. I don’t want sympathy, it’s disgusting behaviour.

“I don’t feel like it’s safe for us here anymore.”

Messages sent to Carla on social media include slurs calling her “human garbage”, calling her “scum “ and saying “I hope you die”.

Carla is moving several miles away and wants to keep the precise location of her new home private.

She said she wants to live a “quiet” life is urging people to respect her family’s privacy.



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