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Early childhood development

Many childcare experts believe the first five years of a child’s life are the most important in terms of development. Children that receive a lot of love in the early years tend to be more confident and more intelligent. So, how can you ensure your child receives what he or she needs in this important period of their life?

Instincts Count

If your child cries, as a parent, you have to take action. This is instinctive. These actions are positive in early years development. Attending to your child’s needs makes them feel loved, gives them confidence and helps them to develop as they should.

Is it Cold Outside?

Keeping your child happy is important at every stage at development but especially in the early years. An infant can’t communicate that they are too hot or too cold so it is up to you to make these determinations. To that end ensure you have a range of clothing choices for your child. They will grow fast so plan ahead.

Consider newborn baby tights, hats, and blankets when out and about. In the warmer months, you’ll need sun shields such as umbrellas and wider brimmed hats.

Given the need to replace clothing quickly for your child, consider using brands such as Condor Socks UK. They have a good range of clothes for girls and boys, and the soft fabrics will be kinder on your child’s skin.


Children learn when they play and this is why so many early years toys allow children to explore. From the early years rattles to building blocks and puzzles, all these toys help to develop problem-solving skills.

Play is great when it is moved to outside the home. As they get older a lot of your time will be spent in woods, parks, and the garden. This is great because your child will learn to socialise with other kids and they will get to see nature and experience its wonders.

As such, it is important you set aside time for play. It is also important that you reward your child and give positive encouragement when they achieve. This helps to build confidence and intelligence.

Use Language Well

Using good precise and descriptive language will help your child learn about the world. Terms such as soft, stable, unstable, strong, dim, light, dark, misty, hot, cold will stretch your child’s mind and help them understand how the world works.


Establish a routine early on. This will help your child feel secure. They will learn that certain things happen at certain types of day and this helps them feel in control. The routine will also help your child sleep through the night as they get older. This is essential if you are to be a good parent.

Encourage Reading

Reading helps children develop their intelligence and imagination. Books can be introduced at very young ages. Children under one year of age will enjoy the pictures and touching the cardboard that early years books are made from. If they have shapes to explore so much the better.

If you could read them well and use language well then your child will love books for the rest of their life.



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