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FamiliesMost PopularFame hungry parents shell out £15,000 a year to turn their eight-year-old into an A-list celebrity

Fame hungry parents shell out £15,000 a year to turn their eight-year-old into an A-list celebrity

A fame hungry mum and dad are shelling out £15,000 a year to turn their “exceptional” boy into an A-list celebrity – at the tender age of eight.

Theodore Liang was lined up for stardom since he was born with the help of dad Steffan, 33, and mum Hayley, 26, who have been splashing out £1,300 a month to help him build his ‘brand’ as an actor and dancer.

Steffan, who also once had aspirations of being famous, helps Theo manage his fashion line and also pushes him to undertake drama, dance and acting classes in his push to become a star.

The entrepreneurial dad, who manages his own bespoke tailoring brand, says his son’s fashion line, music, acting and dance career will be launched next year.

Theodore Liang, 8, with his dad Steffan

Theodore Liang, 8, with his dad Steffan

He said: “Theo has grown up exceeding expectations in all areas, particularly performing arts, social media, design, film and modelling.

“His ability to relate to modern media and emerging marketing opportunities, has given way to his fashion line, his music, acting, YouTube and dance career.

“He has also shown a very keen interest in the above areas, I feel slightly vicarious as I also attended drama school and had aspirations of being famous.

“Following this my degree in international marketing at Greenwich gives me an advantage and lateral approach to this type of activity.”

Theo, who spends two days a week with his mum, attends classes after school and during weekends in a ram-packed schedule at a cost of more than £1,300 every month.

 Theodore Liang, 8, as player of the week

Theodore Liang, 8, receiving player of the week

The family, from Woolwich, south east London, rely on both sets of grandparents to help pay for the youngster’s classes and both Haley and Steffan say every last penny is dedicated to Theo’s success.

But while Steffan admits that he is pushing Theo to become a star, he also claims he is an “overprotective father” and wants to retain his son’s innocence for “as long as possible”.

Theodore Liang has his own fashion website

Theodore has his own  website

“I manage a bespoke tailoring brand which is again something to give him a platform to fame.

“I’m also from an upper middle class background.

“My parents have been very supportive and of course every last penny and minute is dedicated to his activities, success and education.

“Theo’s mother and her family also play an important role in contributing to the costs.


“I would like to fully launch his modelling career next spring, predominantly focusing on his brand.

“We already have product placement opportunities scheduled in 2017 film and music projects.

“Theo was previously accepted into Bizzy kids modelling agency and submitted for editorial work.”

Steffan added: “My son is an exceptional child and very smart, we are going to do all we can to make him a star.

“We push him, but it will all be worth it in the end.”



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