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FamiliesMost PopularFamily Shocked As New Parents Surprise Them With Twins When They Were Expecting Just One Baby

Family Shocked As New Parents Surprise Them With Twins When They Were Expecting Just One Baby

A couple kept their twin pregnancy under wraps to surprise family and friends then filmed the stunned reactions when they introduced — their TWO new bundles of joy.

Emily and Eli Schroeder, both 31, discovered they were expecting twins in October 2017 after their first round of IVF.

The couple, of Antigo, Wisconsin, USA, fibbed and told their relatives they were expecting just one baby to pull off the epic surprise.

Emily, an IT technician, welcomed her twin boys Evan and Everett Schroeder on June 7 in Aspirus Langlade Hospital, Antigo, and began to invite her excited family in to meet them.

Emily and Eli, a log truck driver, filmed the hilarious moments various family members – including Emily’s 81-year-old gran Renie Wagner – discovered there were actually two babies rather than one.

Emily and Eli Schroeder with their twins Evan and Everett.

Emily said: “At my six week doctor’s appointment we discovered we were having twins. It was so exciting.

“I really wanted a gender reveal party from the beginning but my husband wasn’t really into that idea.

“He wanted to keep the gender a secret. But when we found out we were having twins we decided to keep that a secret too.

“I thought it would be fun, a double surprise. It was really hard to keep the secret and I don’t have a very good poker face. I loved surprising them one by one.

“I really enjoyed their reactions and it’s funny that we’ve captured them forever on camera.”

The mother-of-two said keeping her twin pregnancy a secret was difficult and she almost slipped up a number of times.

Emily said: “I made sure to always say ‘baby’ when I was talking and I told everyone that people who have IVF retain fluid more.

“None of my family members had experience with IVF so they weren’t suspicious.”

The new mom said she is enjoying life with her newborns after an 18 month struggle with infertility.

Emily said: “Life with twins is so hectic, they don’t sleep much that’s for sure. But I’m so happy.”



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