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Firefighters rescue tot with toilet seat stuck over head

This is the moment a hapless two-year-old boy was rescued by firefighters after he got a toilet training seat stuck – over his HEAD.

Little Oscar Clare was in the bathroom when mum Kellie Marie Allen, 27, turned around and saw he’d wedged the £5 Asda potty firmly around his neck.

Kellie desperately tried to free the toddler by wetting his hair and even poured oil and butter over his neck but it was stuck fast

She was eventually forced to drive him to her local fire station where firefighters used snips to cut Oscar free from the seat.

Oscar Clare, who had to visit a fire station when he got a toilet seat stuck on his head

Oscar Clare, who had to visit a fire station when he got a toilet seat stuck on his head

The bizarre accident unfolded at 8am on Sunday (10/7) while Kellie was looking after Oscar at their home in Telford, Shrops.

Yesterday (Tue), single mum Kellie said: “We were in the bathroom and he’s got a habit of sticking it on his head.

“I told him to get it off and instead he pulled it further down.

“I tried to get it off and I realised it was stuck. I took him to the front room and sat him down and was trying to pin his ears back and pull it off.

“I had butter and oil on his ears and water and nothing would work.

“At first he thought it was funny but then when he realised it wouldn’t come off he started screaming.

“Luckily I managed to get hold of his granddad who lives around the corner and he came and drove us to the fire station.

“We knocked on the door and showed the firefighters Oscar and they were like ‘oh that’s an unusual start to the day’.

“They tried to pull it over his ears but he was screaming and it obviously wasn’t going to come off.

“In the end they used some snippers they usually use to cut little bits of metal and got it off.

Oscar Clare

Oscar Clare

“They were really good with them and one of them was talking to him and holding his neck while the other cut it off.

“Afterwards they let him sit in a fire engine and gave him a little tour.”

Full-time mum Kellie is now looking for a replacement toilet training seat because Oscar doesn’t want to use his potty.

She added: “The firefighters gave us back the training seat but it has got a bit cut all down the one side now.

“He has got a potty but he doesn’t like to use it. He wants to go on the toilet and had just started using his training seat.

“I’m trying to find one that is a bit different so it doesn’t happen again.”

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service re-tweeted a picture of Oscar being rescued on their Wellington Fire Station twitter page.

They tweeted: “Unusual start to the day! 2 year old with a toilet seat stuck over his head. Crews used small gear to remove. The things we do as children.”



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