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Moving house with kids

If you are thinking of moving to a new house soon and upgrading to a bigger space for you and your children, you’ll be thinking about their space as well as your own. Moving to a new house can be a big change for a family and an expensive one so you’ll want to make sure you spend on budget while making sure that the items you purchase will last from toddler to teenage. You will want the best quality products, from cabin and bunk beds to mattresses, but also at affordable prices.

We have popped an easy guide to help you get the best for you child’s bedroom. So what can do you need to think about to make the move easier for everyone?

Small room solutions: Cabin Beds / Midsleepers

If you have a small child’s room to renovate you cannot go wrong with a cabin bed (often called mid sleepers). They’re perfect to give an added level to a small bedroom by lifting the bed off the floor and creating storage (we love the Bed Kingdoms Stompa Duo for this) or play space underneath. These are not as high so easy for a parent to peak in on their child while they are sleeping. Cabin beds can also be super fun – create a new reading nook underneath. Or maybe you can add in curtains which a great for hide and seek.

Transitional from a Toddler to a Single Bed

If you’re moving during the toddler years then it is worth switching out the toddler bed and looking at a single bed for their new big girl/boy bedroom space. Single beds come in all kinds of materials now so you’ll want to look at whether wood or metal is your best option. When choosing your single bed do think about how your child will feel about their bed as they grow. You will need to think about their room becoming a teenage den at some point too! The Kids Kudi Daybed is great for a tweens room for example – grown up with a cast amount of storage for toys or trainers!

Tip: A great idea when updating from a nursery to a older style bedroom is to get your child to join in with choosing some bedding for their new single bed. This will give them a sense of ownership over their new room.

Bunk Beds – The Perfect Sibling Solution

We know that as your family grows you will need to come to a place your trust to buy the latest selection of beds. Bunk beds and triple beds are a perfect solution for your growing family and siblings who share a room.  

Modern beds also have an element of fun solutions for younger siblings such as the Flair Furnishings Scandinavia House Bunk Bed or more grown up solutions for teens with regular sleepovers

Bunk beds truly are great to create space but also for siblings to have their own space.

Tip: If your siblings are fighting over which bed they want why don’t you make a six month rule? Swap the beds around so they have half a year each. Think about a triple bunk for those tween to teens sleepovers!

Mattresses – what you need to know when buying mattresses for children.

The Bed Kingdom mattress selection is second to none. This site have a vast range with a variety of materials mean you can be sure that we will keep your child sleeping soundly. You will want to consider that their needs will change as they grow. A child’s mattress needs to be replaced every 5 – 10 years and have longevity. Look for a breathable and supportive structure to ensure that it lasts until the teenage years.

Decor – getting it right for now and the future

Of course if your moving into a new home it’s an ideal time to get creative. It may be time to go for a neutral room and furniture that you can switch out framed wall prints from characters to quotes so that you aren’t having to repaint walls whiners you child switches their favourite character or colour!



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