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Nice day for a wet wedding

As I pulled the huge frilly white gown over my head, I thought about my big day and everything me and my fiancé, Steve, 33 had been planning to make it the perfect seaside wedding.

We had donkeys, home-made ice cream, rock, deck chairs, and a coconut shy. Even the cake was made to look like a giant sandcastle.

But one thing was missing.

I turned to my four-month-old son, Charlie with a devilish grin on my face.

“It’s the perfect dress for a dip in the sea isn’t, Charlie?” I said

He just gurgled back at me, completely unaware of just how mad his mum was.


Chloe took the ‘trash the dress’ trend up a notch

I had planned on a huge shopping trip with my seven bridesmaids, but it was a few weeks away, and I was too impatient, so I just popped into the bridal shop with Charlie to try it on.

It was perfect. As was everything else, and I just couldn’t wait for my big day.

On the morning of the wedding I started getting butterflies. But more than most brides, as I knew the dress I’d picked out was going to shock Steve.

We’d been watching Don’t Tell The Bride together and I’d been gauging his reactions to the dresses the brides wore.

I think he expected me to wear something chic and stylish – nothing like the dramatic frilly frock I was slipping into.

But when he finally saw me, and managed to close his mouth, I knew he loved it.

“You look stunning,” he whispered as we met at the altar.

“You just wait,” I said.

The prefect dress for a dip in the sea...

The prefect dress for a dip in the sea…

After the ceremony in front of all our friends and family, in a huge reception under a beautiful marquee, I told Steve my plan to run into the sea in my wedding dress.

“You’re full of crazy ideas, Chloe,” he said, grinning.

“That’s why I love you.”

But it was obvious he never thought I would do it. And that just made me more eager to do it.

I just thought it would be a great way to celebrate the day and have something really memorable to look back on.

The next day, as a newly married woman and as Steve and the rest of the guests cleaned up after the raucous party from the night before, I slipped back into my wedding dress again and headed down to the sea.

I wasn’t worried about the state of the dress too much. It was already covered in red wine stains from the night before!

As I prepared for the icy cold waters, a group of my friends had gathered around to watch me jump in; even the odd passer-by had stopped to look at the spectacle.

The day before had been glorious – the perfect day for an outdoor wedding, with not a cloud in the sky.

But today, the sky looked positively frightening: black clouds and a slight drizzle that threatened to turn into a storm at any second.

So before the skies opened, and before I could chicken out, I ran straight headlong into the chilly surf.


Chloe and Steve and their first dance after tying the knot

After a few steps, I tripped on some sea weed and with a rather loud ‘Eek!’ I fell face first into the sea.

Not to be deterred, I waded on until the freezing waters were up to my waist, turned to see my friends and family cheering from the shoreline.

I had done it! I was overjoyed and thrilled that I’d gone through with it, and now I could go back to Steve to say I told you so.

After splashing about a bit, I kicked my way through the waves and back onto dry land where I changed into some warm clothes and headed back to the hotel.


Luckily, the red wine stains had nearly come out, so all I needed to do was stick it in the washing machine, and it came out good as new!

I wouldn’t do it again, not in a wedding dress, but I’m only getting married once, so I thought what the hell!



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